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Vitamin Bs, often referred to as the B-complex, possess numerous positive properties essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Among them, Vitamin B5 is particularly important for the health of the hair, and this is what we will highlight in our latest article.

Vitamin Bs are water-soluble vitamins that assist in the utilization of other enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients. Therefore, a deficiency in these vitamins can affect the functioning of molecules involved in vital processes. While there is some overlap in the properties of B Vitamins, it is beneficial to consume them together to ensure better efficacy.


There are several B Vitamins, some of which are particularly beneficial for the condition of the skin and hair. Vitamin B7 helps maintain healthy skin, prevents graying, and is effective against hair loss and baldness. Vitamin B7 is primarily found in fruits, nuts, rice varieties, milk, and soy products.

vitamin b5

Vitamin B9 is predominantly found in soy lecithin, which plays a role in fat metabolism. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining vascular health and promoting hair growth. Vitamin B10 can be sourced from whole grains, wheat germ, and bran. In addition to participating in iron metabolism, it facilitates the absorption of pantothenic acid. Its deficiency can cause graying, but taking it contributes to maintaining healthy hair and skin.


Known as pantothenic acid or panthenol, this vitamin can be found in both animal and plant-based food sources. Examples include white meats, kidney, liver, heart, eggs, milk, whole grains, wheat germ, bran, nuts, broccoli, and legumes.

Vitamin B5 has several positive effects on the body. It is involved in converting carbohydrates and fats into energy, can help reduce stress, and is essential for the normal functioning of the adrenal glands.

vitamin b5


Vitamin B5 is particularly important for the hair, as it promotes the formation of the epidermal layer, influences hair growth, and lands a radiant shine to hair. Trace elements containing Vitamin B5 also help eliminate dandruff, dry scalp, and itching.

Sensitive Mask

This mask, which can also be used as a scalp treatment, nourishes and hydrates the scalp while regenerating damaged, broken, and split ends when applied to the hair ends. It transforms hair, making it silky, soft, and radiant thanks to its castor seed oil, broccoli seed oil, and citrus extract content. Enriched with argan oil, shea butter, and natural licorice extract, this mask soothes and nourishes the skin, scalp, and hair. In addition, it is particularly recommended for oily hair and sensitive, inflamed, and irritated skin and scalp. It aids in the regeneration of dry hair strands, making the hair silky, soft, and easy to comb.


The Oxygeni Hair Tonic is a refreshing tonic with cleansing, disinfecting, and hydrating effects on the scalp. It helps combat bacteria and pathogens, thanks to its high aloe vera and panthenol content, which reduces inflammation and soothes the scalp. Using the Tonic leaves your skin clean and healthy, restoring the proper pH balance. Its high aloe vera and panthenol content ensures hydration. Many skin problems and hair loss issues stem from an imbalance in the scalp's pH, so using this refreshing tonic can help treat and prevent these conditions. Your skin will feel clean, fresh, and toned!


A deficiency in Vitamin B5 can halt hair growth and result in an unhealthy, dull-looking hair crown. This vitamin can reduce signs of aging, thereby preventing wrinkles, dark spots, discoloration, and graying of hair. Pantothenic acid, in addition to these benefits, makes hair strands smoother, more vibrant, and silkier, and it thickens the hair. It is commonly used in hair care products as it protects hair from chemical and mechanical damage.

Detox Wash

The Oxygeni Hair Detox Shampoo is recommended for oily scalps as it helps thoroughly cleanse the scalp. Thanks to its valuable active ingredients, it softens the skin and helps retain its moisture content. The main active ingredient in Detox Wash is cucumber extract, which regulates sebum production, making it excellent for oily scalps and skin. The shampoo effectively removes residues of styling products, chlorine, natural oils, and sebum. It is an excellent deep-cleansing and detoxifying agent.

B Vitamins, especially Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, are essential for maintaining the health and beauty of hair. With its help, you can prevent the deterioration of hair structure and graying, and its frequent use can help you towards a hydrated, flexible, and healthy hair crown. Use Oxygeni Hair products and enjoy the beneficial effects of natural ingredients!


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