post-festival hair care

Post-Festival Hair Care

If you attended festivals this year, or plan to in the future, or even if you just went on vacation, proper hair care is essential. In this article, you’ll learn how to restore your hair, which might have been damaged by dyes, dust, sunlight, and chlorinated or salty water during festival season or vacation. As September approaches and it’s time for school and work, you should pamper yourself and your hair.

After all, it is harder to feel confident and build connections with those who will play a significant role in your life with damaged, dry, hay-like hair. The better impression you make on people, the more memorable you become, which can be advantageous later on.

Regardless of what anyone says, you can make the first positive impression based on your appearance, and your hair plays a crucial role in this. Unfortunately, at festivals, your hair can suffer some of the most significant damage. But what can damage the hair, how does it happen, and how can we fix it? Here are our tips for post-festival hair care:


At festivals, a lot of dust, dirt, and sand can stick to our heads and scalps, and combined with wet hair, these can hinder the scalp’s metabolism. Frequent and thorough hair washing, along with the use of a suitable conditioner, is recommended. Dust can also make the hair dry and rough to the touch, beyond just affecting scalp metabolism.


Everyone has experienced how hair becomes tangled, difficult to comb, and dry after a refreshing swim, sometimes even fading a bit. To avoid this, it’s advisable to wash your hair after every swim and use hair oil to prevent severe damage and restore its original state. Water is also the biggest enemy of curly hair. Moisture can break the hydrogen bonds in the hair fibers, deforming beautifully curled strands. Proper hair care is essential here too, as waves can easily lose their elasticity and beauty.


Since festivals mostly take place outdoors, one of our most important post-festival hair care tips is to protect your scalp and hair from direct sunlight, as they are also exposed to the harmful effects of UV radiation, not just your skin. This means the outer layer of hair strands can be damaged, weakened, dry, lose elasticity, and potentially lead to hair loss.

The strong sunlight becomes even more dangerous if your hair is wet, as wet hair amplifies the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, causing even greater damage. Those who dye or bleach their hair need to be extra cautious during the summer, as their hair is more vulnerable than others.

Regardless of your hair’s color and type, protect your scalp with a loose hat or a scarf to avoid future issues. Such solutions can be quite trendy at festivals anyway. Use nourishing oils, as they coat the hair strands, retain moisture, and protect the hair from the sun. If the festival is over and you haven’t taken enough care of your hair, use shampoo and conditioner for dry, weak hair when washing, and feel free to use hair oil as well.

post-festival hair care


We all know the feeling of wanting to look your best at a festival and being willing to do anything for it. However, we suggest sticking to the principle of “less is more” to protect your hair. A loose hairstyle is perfectly suitable for such an event, and it won’t damage your hair like tight hair ties, which can weaken follicles and, unfortunately, lead to hair loss in the long run.

Another thing to avoid on hot summer days is metal hair clips, as the sun can heat them up, potentially damaging your hair again. If you wore tight hairstyles at the festival, it’s advisable to give your hair a break afterward and wear it loose for a while.


If your hair doesn’t get too oily, you might wash it less frequently, right? But having hair that doesn’t get oily isn’t necessarily better than having oily hair because dry hair is a sign that it lacks the right amount of moisture. I know hair washing, especially for those with long hair, can be somewhat of a hassle, but it’s part of hair care and essential for achieving beautiful hair. Just think about how much dirt and dust can accumulate on your scalp over the days, which isn’t good for it, so aim to wash your hair at least two to three times a week.

Additionally, here’s another piece of advice: even if someone doesn’t get their hair cut monthly, as they should, at least get the ends trimmed every summer to refresh it.


Post-festival hair care isn’t just about external care; it’s also about internal care. If you want to give your hair the maximum support for its health, we recommend supplements.

post-festival hair care


Dry scalp and haircare bundle

We recommend the combined use of Hydrate Wash (500 ml) and Pure Mask (500 ml) for damaged and dry hair. Hydrate Wash is a multifunctional product suitable for dry skin and scalp, serving as a shampoo, shower gel, and makeup remover. Pure Mask deeply nourishes the scalp and improves the structure of the hair strands with the help of castor, rosemary, and jojoba oil. The active ingredients contribute to hair growth, soothe the scalp, reduce irritation, and help prevent bacterial infections.


post-festival hair care

If the festival season has taken its toll on your hair, fear not, because there is a solution! In addition to our post-festival hair care tips, we recommend oxygen therapy to refresh your hair crown.

During oxygen therapy treatment, we replenish your hair follicles with valuable vitamins and minerals, resulting in the regeneration of your scalp and hair strands. The high-pressure oxygen with which we deliver the active ingredients to your scalp helps rejuvenate and replenish your scalp. So, even if you haven’t been gentle with your hair during the festival season, you can make amends with oxygen therapy treatment to restore your hair to its natural shine, health, vitality, and elasticity.

The treatment provides solutions for all types of hair and scalp problems, risk-free, using 100% natural ingredients.

Author: Jennifer F├╝lep


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