cosmetic oxygen therapy for skin
oxygen therapy for skin

Try cosmetic oxygen therapy for the health of your skin! Oxygen therapy is a treatment with a 30-year history in dermatology. At Oxygeni Hair & Skin we have created multifunctional products that can be used not only on the hair, but also on the entire surface of the face and body, and which gently help alleviate and eliminate various skin problems.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the symptoms appearing on the face and scalp are connected and related to each other, but sometimes these problems also appear in different parts of the body. These can be seborrhea, eczema, allergies, or dehydrated, sensitive skin, as well as oily and dry skin.

Trichology includes problems affecting the scalp, so people often come to us if they have experienced changes on other skin surfaces, a condition different from healthy skin. In many cases, Oxygeni Hair and Skin’s products have helped alleviate or completely eliminate guests’ problems. This is exactly why we wanted to help with a line that not only takes care of the hair, but the entire body.


What are the effects of oxygen?

It rejuvenates and regenerates the skin, ensures its hydration, and has a cleansing effect.

Oxygen also provides the necessary nutrient supply for renewed cell function. The skin is permeable to gases, allowing substances to penetrate deeper than during normal application.

It improves circulation, stimulates metabolism, and assists in detoxification, thus being effective against hair loss.

It alleviates skin oiliness and the appearance of acne, as well as reduces inflammation.

It has a cell-renewing effect, enhancing their activity and strengthening the skin. It also addresses various scalp problems.

It reduces the harmful effects of the environment and diet.

cosmetic oxygen therapy for skin

For which skin problems is cosmetic oxygen therapy treatment recommended?

When can therapy help?

What should you know about the treatment?


Cosmetic oxygen therapy is based on strengthening the immune system and is a personalized treatment focused on the problem, so it can be used for any skin and cosmetic problem and guarantees spectacular results. The treatment is 100% safe and risk-free, and is based on 100% natural active ingredients. Cells are given a new lease of life thanks to an adequate supply of oxygen, vitamins and minerals, the skin is cleansed of impurities and regains its proper pH value.

The treatment is also recommended for pregnant women and children with complete safety.

Without oxygen, cells die!

Oxygen therapy helps cells to live longer and more actively, and helps dead cells to dissolve. Oxygen significantly increases the skin’s moisture and resistance, improving the health of the skin overall.

Oxygen ensures our life support and the smooth functioning of our cells. A lack of oxygen is very often the cause of insufficient blood circulation and nutrient supply, thus directly contributing to skin weakening. Oxygen has a positive effect on blood circulation, promoting the formation of collagen, which is responsible for healthy skin.

In addition to its cell renewal effect, oxygen also provides the supply of active ingredients needed for the renewed cell to function. The skin is permeable to the gases, so the oxygen allows the substances delivered to the skin to penetrate deeper than in normal application.

The steps of cosmetic oxygen therapy treatment


WHEN TO CHOOSE cosmetic oxygen therapy ?

For teenagers who struggle with acne-prone skin on a daily basis, and in many cases, self-inflicted acne removal, with a high risk of over-infection! The treatment has antiseptic, antibacterial properties and the pressure reduces the chance of acne returning.

For those over the age of 30 with the onset of fine lines, cosmetic oxygen therapy treatment helps reduce their volume. Highly rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin ageing and also helps the skin to regenerate from the sun’s harmful rays and electro-smog!

For over 40s, to treat age-related and mimic wrinkles. The treatment has anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties, stimulates collagen and elastin production and protects against free radicals. It increases cellular energy production, strengthens cell walls and provides the skin with amino acids.

For over 40s, to treat age-related and mimic wrinkles. The treatment has anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties, stimulates collagen and elastin production and protects against free radicals. It increases cellular energy production, strengthens cell walls and provides the skin with amino acids.


It’s important to eat a healthy diet in the days before cosmetic oxygen therapy treatment, eating as many vitamin-rich foods as possible (vegetables, fruit). But it’s best to take care of your body’s vitamin and nutrient intake as part of your lifestyle.

Make sure you drink enough fluids before starting oxygen therapy. Drink at least 2 litres of still or filtered water a day. Adequate water consumption affects your whole body, including brain function and skin health.

Avoid drinking alcoholic and caffeinated drinks and drink non-carbonated or filtered water instead of flavoured, carbonated soft drinks.

It’s important not to smoke or drink coffee or other stimulants – drinks with caffeine – for at least the hours before treatment.

Do not wear false eyelashes for 48 hours before treatment.

Do not wax the treated area 48 hours before the treatment!

No chemical treatments such as peeling 10-14 days before the treatment.

Guests with sensitive skin and allergies will be tested on the skin behind the ear and on the neck!


Protect your skin after the cosmetic oxygen therapy treatment while the active ingredients absorb!

Smoking, carbonated and caffeinated drinks are prohibited for 60 minutes after the treatment.

For 12 hours after the treatment, it is not recommended to do sports with heavy perspiration or to go to sauna/steam bath/solarium.

It is not recommended to expose the skin to direct sunlight without sunscreen for 48 hours after the treatment. The treatment contains so many vitamins that it can make the skin photosensitive.

Use sunscreen 50 if possible! Chemical-free or products with minimal chemical content are recommended.

Use hand sanitiser so you don’t get impurities on your face and skin!

Do not apply makeup or other cosmetics (except sunscreen) for 3 hours after treatment.


Of course, Oxygeni Skin is not only recommended for skin problems, as the products are made from 100% natural ingredients, all free of chemicals, and contain ingredients that nourish and nourish the skin. In addition to their cleansing and deep conditioning properties, they also have anti-ageing, firming and anti-inflammatory properties.

They can be used both on the face and the rest of the body, as they are completely gentle on the skin, which is why they are recommended for sensitive skin, mothers and babies, for daily use.