oyxgen therapy for hair , hair loss treatment
oyxgen therapy for hair

An effective hair loss treatment can help restore the natural growth of hair. Oxygen therapy helps with treating all kinds of hair and scalp problems. It strengthens hair follicles, thus improving hair growth.

Nowadays more than 90% of people struggle with some kind of hair or scalp related problem. Using the wrong products, stress, bad nutrition, environmental factors, urban life or genetics, all of these play a role in creating hair related problems.


What are the effects of oxygen?

It rejuvenates and regenerates the skin, ensures its hydration, and has a cleansing effect.

Oxygen also provides the necessary nutrient supply for renewed cell function. The skin is permeable to gases, allowing substances to penetrate deeper than during normal application.

It improves circulation, stimulates metabolism, and assists in detoxification, thus being effective against hair loss.

It alleviates skin oiliness and the appearance of acne, as well as reduces inflammation.

It has a cell-renewing effect, enhancing their activity and strengthening the skin. It also addresses various scalp problems.

It reduces the harmful effects of the environment and diet.

hair loss treatment


The creator of the therapy is Mariann Bácsalmási, the leading instructor in trichology at Oxygeni Hair and Skin.

After years of research and development, in 1994, a renowned dermatologist developed a special oxygen therapy treatment that yielded safe and successful results in treating patients with eczema, psoriasis, melanoma, and burn injuries. Its positive results are recognised and applied by numerous medical institutes throughout the world.

Its success story also caught the attention of an European trichologist, who in three years, successfully established the treatment in trichology as well – her name was Mariann Bácsalmási, the head trichologist and owener of Oxygeni Hair.

The basis of the treatment is pure oxygen that is being injected into the cell line of the innermost basal layer (stratum basale) and the extracellular matrix through the upper layer of the skin.

Oxygen cools and calms the skin, stimulates epithelialization, melanin synthesis, the functionality of glands, cell division, and cellular metabolism, improves the blood flow, regenerates, and helps collagen creation and self-healing processes. The oxygen and the injected active substances fill in the skin from the inside. With this filling process, the skin regains its original immunity and the self-healing processes of the body are reactivated.

Environmental factors constantly damage our skin: smog, UV radiation, and air-conditioning devices are just a few examples of those factors that pose a threat to the health of our skin. The treatment is harmless, has a high impact ratio, and causes no irritation or allergic reaction. Results show a 97% success rate, involving nearly 1.000.000 treated scalps. The substances injected into the scalp with the use of a special, needleless device, form active substance deposits twice as fast. Being a non-seasonal treatment, it may be used all year round.


What are the most common symptoms and scalp conditions we encounter?

Intensive hair loss, post-covid hair loss, androgen alopecia, oily or dry scalp, dandruff, desquamation, red and itchy scalp, dry or oily dandruff, failed hair growth, damaged hair, dry or split ends, psoriasis, and eczema. Important to note that these, for the most part, are caused by immunological problems. Physical and psychological diseases both directly affect our immune system. Their impacts are detectable in our hair and scalp conditions. Our scalp is the topsoil for our hair shafts; it requires as much attention as any other skin area or organ.

Our oxygen therapy aims to strengthen the immune system of the scalp, making it an excellent choice for treating all types of scalp and hair problems and one that yields tangible results. Based purely on natural substances, the treatment is completely reliable and safe. 

By providing the correct amount of oxygen, vitamin, and mineral supplies, hair bulbs are regenerated and strengthened, adding volume to the hair, and removing contaminants from the scalp, effectively, helping it regain its original pH value. Oxygen therapy speeds up recovery and may be used to treat all types of scalp and hair problems. Free of chemicals, the treatment is completely safe for pregnant women, mothers, and children alike. 

Now you are about to learn how oxygen therapy helps reverse and prevent scalp problems and hair loss, speeds up hair growth (including post-chemotherapy hair growth), stimulates the scalp before and after hair transplant, treats or prevents male pattern baldness, and teenage scalp problems. Learn more about scalp problems and how to prevent them. If you think your scalp and hair need oxygen therapy, sign up and give it a try.

hair loss treatment


Oxygen therapy fights all types of hair loss and scalp problems by boosting the immune system. Sufficient oxygen, vitamin, and mineral supply to the hair frees the scalp of contaminants and strengthens the hair bulbs.

Scalp massage loosens the intercellular space which in turn boosts the metabolism and circulation, helping the scalp absorb and make use of the active substances, while the unabsorbed agents create deposits that offer supply for the following 10 days.

The treatment revitalizes the damaged and weak hair and immediately hydrates the dry and itchy scalp lacking in nutrients, which strengthens and volumizes the hair, stops hair loss, revitalizes the hair bulbs, and gently frees the scalp of plaque and dead skin, making it an efficient solution against dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema.


hair loss treatment




In autoimmune hair loss, it is very important that it is a complex problem and it is essential to find the root of the problem. You need to find the direct root cause that is causing the autoimmune hair loss. For example, there may be an autoimmune thyroid problem, celiac disease, intolerance or any other organ disease that causes inflammation in the body.

With oxygen therapy and a good lifestyle, autoimmune hair loss can be treated very effectively.

It’s important to look after the health of your scalp and hair, protect it from harmful external influences (UV rays, chemicals, cosmetics with high chemical content, irregular and unhealthy diet) and ensure it is properly nourished, moisturised and cleaned. Our oxygen therapy can help!
It is important to try to reduce stress in our lives, as untreated stress can also cause very serious hair loss.

Minerals, vitamins and oxygen itself play a huge role in treating hair and scalp problems caused by hormonal imbalances. It is important to cleanse gently, moisturise, restore the scalp to the correct pH level and to supplement the nutrients mentioned above.

oyxgen therapy for hair


Hormonal balance goes through considerable changes during both pregnancy and adolescence which may directly affect the scalp and hair structure. In difficult periods like these, one may experience an overly oily scalp, more intensive hair loss due to pregnancy, or an overly dry scalp. These symptoms may be caused by changes in sebum production, insufficient collagen production, or insufficient nutrient supply to the scalp. Our treatment and at-home haircare products may help you regain control over your hormones.

It is essential to guard the health of our scalp and our hair by protecting them from harmful external factors (UV radiation, chemicals, cosmetic products high in chemicals, irregular and unhealthy diet), by guaranteeing a sufficient supply of nutrients, and hydrating and cleaning it.
Our Oxygen therapy helps to achieve that. Minerals, vitamins, and oxygen play a huge role in treating hair and scalp problems caused by hormonal disruption. Gentle cleaning, hydration, restoring the scalp’s original pH value, and the resupply of said nutrients are all essential.

Adolescence is one of the most delicate periods in anyone’s life in which our body and psyche go through all kinds of natural changes. These are all driven by the production of sex hormones which have a direct effect on our skin as well. The production of substances, whose amount is normally insignificant, shoots up, such as that of sebum.

The appearance of acne and pimples caused by excessive sebum production does not limit to the face, the scalp goes through changes, too, as oil production rises. Our professionals first free the scalp of plaque, then using pressurised oxygen, they hydrate and clean the scalp, while injecting vitamins and minerals into its deeper layers.

This procedure allows our oxygen therapy to efficiently treat scalp problems in adolescence. It is also an effective preventing measure, as it stabilises the skin’s pH value, preserves its moisture content, and normalises sebum production.

Hair loss experienced during pregnancy is hard on many women, as they are going through hormonal changes which may cause hair shafts to lose their mineral content, making them dry and split, or fall out. Different forms of scalp irritation may also occur.

By injecting essential vitamins and minerals deep into the scalp where cellular metabolism occurs, using pure medical oxygen, our oxygen therapy boosts the hair bulbs, revitalises the scalp, and helps with hair loss suffered during pregnancy.

The treatment is carried out by our trichologists who, using a micro camera, establish the quests’ diagnoses and draw up a personalised plan. The treatment’s efficiency and harmlessness are guaranteed.

hair loss treatment


Male pattern baldness is most often caused by genetic hair loss, which to some extent is a natural process that occurs with age.

The most common cause of male pattern baldness is an excess of the hormone DHT, which attacks the hairs mainly on the top of the head, resulting in the characteristic horseshoe-shaped bald patches. Androgenic (hormonal) alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in men and is, as the name suggests, caused by hormones.

Oxygen therapy can help to stop balding and grow new hair by stimulating the scalp.

Our treatment delivers nearly 70 vitamins and minerals to the scalp using high-pressure, pure medical oxygen to revitalise the hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, and strengthen and thicken the hair shaft.

To combat hair loss and strengthen hair, our essential products for home hair care include Hair Loss Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, Vitamin Serum, which contains almost 70 vitamins and nutrients, H2O Thermal, which provides minerals to the hair follicles and scalp, and Pure Aloe Vera, which helps the active ingredients reach the hair follicles.

With a scalp spray made from these products, you can treat your scalp daily, stimulating your hair follicles.

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We must talk about one of the long-term effects of COVID-19 which affects many people: post-Covid hair loss. The list of post-covid symptoms is long, but hair loss is a particular condition as, in contrast to other symptoms, it normally does not surface during acute phase, instead it appears in the weeks or months following the disease.

Active patients usually report itchy, dry, or overly greasy scalp. Women and seriously ill patients are more likely to experience post-covid syndrome, and so the psychological effects of hair loss might be greater on them. Hair loss following long, contagious, and feverish diseases is not a rarity. It may be caused by inflammations within the body, physical and psychological stress inflicted by a disease, and low energy and vitamin levels as a result of diseases.

Increased hair loss following diseases may last for months or even for more than half a year. Oxygen therapy and at-home haircare products have beneficial effects on many types of post-covid hair loss. During the recovery period, it is paramount to resupply vitamins and minerals both internally and externally and to maintain sufficient oxygen supply to the hair bulbs.

Are you suffering from post-covid hair loss? Book your appointment at one of our salons, so that we can help you!

hair loss treatment


Have you been growing your hair for a long time? Why do we fail to grow our hair? Environmental and psychological factors may all slow down or impede hair growth. These include stress, active traumas, hormonal disruptions, unhealthy lifestyles, eating disorders, harmful addictions, and daily exposure to chemicals and polluted air. Oxygen therapy is a simple solution to all: boosts blood, oxygen, vitamin, and mineral supply, and revitalises the hair shafts.

During the treatment, nearly 70 different vitamins and minerals are injected into the scalp, using pressurised and pure medical oxygen that revitalises the hair bulbs boosts hair growth and adds more strength and volume to the hair. We offer haircare products that are indispensable to overcome hair loss and strengthen the hair: Vitamin Serum contains almost 70 different vitamins and nutrients; H2O Thermal supplies minerals to the hair bulbs and the scalp, or Pure Aloe Vera which helps carry active substances to the hair bulbs. Sprays made from these products may be used daily to treat our scalp and stimulate our hair bulbs.

Oxygen therapy not only benefits hair growth, volumizes, strengthens the hair, and activates the scalp, but helps to recover from post-radiotherapy traumas by speeding up hair regeneration. Our treatment may help you regain your pre-radiotherapy hairdo five times faster. We suggest you consult with your doctor before starting oxygen therapy. Although our treatment is completely safe, reliable, and organic, we believe it is important your doctor is notified.

While killing cancerous cells, chemotherapy has many negative effects on our skin. Going through radiation therapy, our skin (and scalp) may dry out, get inflamed, become more susceptible to irritation, and be more affected by harmful environmental factors. And the most common side effect of chemotherapy is indeed hair loss.

Oxygen therapy is a completely safe, reliable, irritation-free, and purely organic treatment that helps restore the scalp’s original state by filling it up with beneficial substances. It revitalises the scalp and speeds up recovery, hair growth, and hair thickening. Using special, organic products, the therapy cleans and hydrates the scalp without irritation, and with professional massage and hydrating treatment, helps the scalp to breathe and get prepared for the nutrients. Using medical oxygen, it fills up the scalp with vitamins and minerals that are injected into its deeper layers where cellular metabolism occurs.

Oxygen therapy stimulates the hair bulbs, revitalises the scalp, treats the scalp damaged by radiation, restores its pH value, speeds up collagen production, and activates hair-bulb and scalp cells. Our oxygen therapy helps you regain your full and strong hair five times faster. Oxygen therapy helps extend the life span of the cells and dissolve dead cells. Oxygen moisturises the skin, boosts its resilience, restores its fertility and strength, and revitalises the hair bulbs.


Hair transplantation is a serious and costly medical intervention, concerning mainly balding or mostly bald men. We often encounter cases where hair transplant failed, and where, despite multiple interventions, the transplanted hair bulbs did not activate. What is causing this? Our scalp is the topsoil for our hair shafts whose health is dependent on the vitamin, oxygen, and mineral supply.

Oxygen therapy normalises the skin’s pH value and fills the scalp with beneficial nutrients needed to successfully prepare the “soil” for the new hair bulbs. Oxygen improves circulation, stimulates collagen production, and is essential for a healthy and active scalp. The treatment focuses on the scalp’s mineral supply. After freeing the scalp of plaque and other contaminants, using highly pressurised medical oxygen, almost 70 different vitamins and minerals are injected into the deeper layers of the scalp, prompting it to breathe and reactivate.





Efficient and professional at-home haircare is an essential part of oxygen therapy. Our fundamental products used during the treatment are available for at-home use as well – which boosts and speeds up the efficacy of oxygen therapy. Based on the substances used during the therapy, the Oxygeni Hair products boost the integration of the active substances, vitamins, and minerals. Our home products contain the same substances that we use during the treatment, and so prolong and enhance the impact of the therapy. Therefore, only Oxygeni Hair haircare products can complement the treatment.



Prepare your body for the hair loss treatment!

It’s important to focus on eating healthily in the days leading up to the treatment, consuming as many vitamin-rich foods (vegetables, fruits) as possible. Ideally, commit to a lifestyle where you pay attention to providing your body with the proper vitamins and nutrients. If possible, consume organic or locally sourced vegetables and fruits.

Before starting the treatment, pay particular attention to proper hydration. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of still or filtered water daily. Proper hydration has a significant impact on your entire body, including brain function and skin health.

Avoid consuming alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, and opt for still or filtered water instead of flavored, carbonated drinks.

It’s important to refrain from smoking and consuming coffee or any other caffeine-containing beverages at least a few hours before the treatment.

Avoid chemical treatments (hair dyeing, bleaching, permanent hair straightening) for 10 days before and after the treatment!

Do not wash your hair 48 hours before the treatment!


Protect your hair and scalp after the treatment while the active ingredients are absorbed!

After the hair loss treatment, refrain from smoking and consuming carbonated and caffeinated beverages for 60 minutes.

For 12 hours after the treatment, it is not recommended to engage in vigorous exercise that causes heavy sweating or to go to a sauna/steam room/solarium.

For 48 hours after the treatment, it is not recommended to expose the scalp to direct sunlight.

For 10 days after the treatment, refrain from any chemical treatments on the scalp.

For 48 hours after the treatment, it is not recommended to wash the hair, but 24 hours is the minimum.

During and after the treatment, it is forbidden to apply any chemicals to the scalp. The use of root lifters, dry shampoos, hair mousses, etc., must be done using chemical-free products – our trichologists can provide solutions for this.

During the treatment, it is not recommended to use ammonia or other chemical-containing hair dyes. Our trichologists can offer a solution for safe hair coloring with our reduced, maximum 1% chemical-containing hair dye.