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Spring is a time of renewal in many aspects. Nature comes back to life, and the landscape blooms, and it can give a fresh boost to our daily routines. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to pay a little more attention to our health and dedicate time to physical and mental detoxification. The possibilities are wide-ranging: we can try a detox diet, start exercising outdoors, or even at home. From a hair care perspective, scalp detox can be an effective solution. Continue reading for more tips to help rejuvenate your hair in spring and discover the products our hair specialists swear by!


When it comes to hair care, most people think about caring for the ends of their hair, their washing routine, or styling. However, the importance of a healthy scalp is often overlooked. Yet, proper scalp care is essential for achieving healthy hair because this is where the hair follicles are located, determining how and in what quality hair will grow.

Unfortunately, scalp inflammation is becoming increasingly more common nowadays, with up to 90% of people experiencing some sort of scalp problems. Examples include dandruff and greasiness, but in more severe cases, conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or hair loss can develop.

Scalp cleansing is inherently more challenging because not only does hair styling and hair care products accumulate on its surface, but also other pollutants such as dust, smog, or pollen. These can stick to the scalp for years, blocking the passage of essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

Scalp detox is not only recommended but essential for healthy hair. It’s particularly important for those who use a lot of hair styling products (e.g., hairspray, dry shampoo), struggle with oily, dandruff-prone hair, hair loss, frequent scalp itching, or have dull, faded hair.

scalp detox

The condition of our scalp is also greatly influenced by the foods we consume, which is why we’ve compiled this information into a separate blog post for you. Click here to access our additional tips!


Although there is now a wide range of quality and effective scalp detox products available for maintaining healthy hair, we mustn’t forget the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet. A thorough detox program may be a solution if you want to kickstart your health journey. If scalp detoxification is the goal, opt for a general skin detox regimen. The success of detoxification is greatly aided by vegetables and fruits, especially artichokes, beets, bell peppers, carrots, apricots, strawberries, citrus fruits, or red grapes. Pay attention to proper hydration as well, as consuming plenty of water is essential for establishing healthy nutrition.

Try incorporating foods or supplements into your diet that contain the following vitamins and minerals: Vitamin A, Vitamins B6 and B12, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Zinc, Iron, Copper.

scalp detox


Scalp detoxification is the first step towards the spring renewal of your hair. The most effective method for this is a longer, curative process, as it may be necessary to rid the scalp of pollutants accumulated over many years. To detoxify and deeply hydrate sensitive scalps, our Detox products gently assist in cleansing the scalp of impurities. These products deeply moisturize and alleviate irritation and sensitivity.

When it comes to scalp detoxification, our hair specialists recommend the Detox Wash, which is a highlighted product in our sensitive scalp detox package. The Detox Wash is a gentle, toxin- and sulfate-free, powerful cleansing shampoo. It effectively removes residues from hair styling products, chlorine, natural oils, and urban pollutants. It helps restore the scalp’s pH balance and normalizes sebaceous gland function.

scalp detox


If you crave complete renewal for your hair, after thorough scalp detoxification, boost your haircare routine with vitamin-rich products! The lack of vitamins or minerals in the scalp and hair follicles can have serious consequences. It can result in dull, brittle, dry, or excessively oily hair, and may even lead to hair loss. Nutrient deficiency can be caused by a diet poor in vitamins, absorption issues, dieting, or antibiotic treatment. Hair-nourishing vitamins include Vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and important minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Vitamin Serum

For vitamin replenishment, our hair specialists recommend the Vitamin Serum because this product contains the vitamins and minerals most needed for the hair and scalp. It replenishes the deep layers of the scalp with its valuable ingredients, revitalizing the hair follicles, strengthening the scalp's immunity, and promoting hair growth.


After scalp detoxification, it’s advisable to continue with hair regeneration, during which we need to replenish the missing nutrients, oxygen, and moisture from the skin and hair strands. Our hair specialists’ favorite hair-regenerating product is the Hydrate Mask, which deeply hydrates the scalp and hair, and regenerates the hair strands, thanks to its natural castor oil and broccoli seed oil content.

Hydrate Mask

As a natural alternative to silicone, broccoli seed oil effectively nourishes and strengthens, making damaged, dyed hair shiny and easy to comb. Castor oil, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties, responsible for reducing inflammation and promoting hair growth. For hair strengthening and growth, use our Hydrate Mask product!


If, alongside your home hair care routine, you desire professional assistance for scalp detoxification, we have great news for you! Our oxygen therapy treatment includes the phases of scalp detoxification, regeneration, and vitamin supplementation, and can be applied to any hair type or scalp problem. Oxygen therapy is based on strengthening the immune system. Using only natural ingredients, it ensures adequate oxygen, vitamin, and mineral supply to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth and guaranteeing remarkable results!

scalp detox

Beautiful, healthy hair is not possible without a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to internal cleansing from time to time. Scalp detox is a significant part of physical and mental detoxification, so it’s essential to give it the attention it deserves! If you want to be sure and desire professional, effective care tailored to your hair type, visit our online trichology consultation. Our professional trichologists can provide you with personalized hair care tips as well as advice on a healthy lifestyle!

Author: Zsófia Németh


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