Mental Illnesses


While some illnesses are inherited or result from certain injuries, mental health issues can also lead to consequences that affect our physical well-being. In this article, we will explore the impact of mental illnesses on our health.


Several theories suggest that every illness may have roots in emotional trauma, childhood experiences, or certain life situations. Prolonged exposure to stress can eventually transform into a physical manifestation of stress, leading to illness.

In such cases, we often notice inexplicable physical symptoms for which doctors and specialists cannot provide answers. These symptoms can become severe, making normal life impossible, including sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, confusion, and fatigue.

Mental Illnesses

In more severe cases, mental illnesses can also cause organic problems such as respiratory and circulatory disorders, headaches, digestive problems, or skin symptoms.

Next, we will explore the mental illnesses that may be behind the following hair and skin-related problems!


Our skin can reveal both external and internal problems. Since it covers our entire body, it serves as a defense mechanism protecting us from external factors. If we encounter skin irritation or changes, it may indicate that something or someone is irritating us. Thus, our skin reflects our relationship with the outside world, so we should always pay attention to the signals our body sends!


Pimples and acne are small red bumps that may contain pus if infected. Acne tends to appear more on the face and back, while pimples can occur anywhere on the body.

The development of acne and pimples may indicate emotional and mental conflicts within ourselves. These little red bumps may signify that we are not accepting ourselves.

Acne represents contradiction, shame, rejection, uncertainty, and fear. On the other hand, individuals struggling with pimples may exhibit impatience, annoyance, and anxiety.

Solution: Accept the changes happening within us. Let’s be patient with ourselves and unconditionally accept who we are! Detoxify periodically, as this cleanses not only physically but also mentally. Read our previous blog post where we have gathered various detoxification methods you can choose from!

Mental Illnesses


Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition characterized by slightly thickened, red patches that are covered with silvery or grayish-white scales. It develops due to the accumulation of rapidly produced skin cells, most commonly appearing on the scalp, knees, back, and chest.

According to some theories, psoriasis is perceived as a condition where the skin serves as a defensive reaction following a painful event or emotional shock. It is usually observed in sensitive individuals who have a greater need for care and affection than average.

Solution: Besides traditional treatment, it’s worth taking a look inward to identify the difficulties or problems we encountered before the onset of the disease. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or even professionals who can help us confront these issues!


Eczema is a pathological condition of the skin characterized by redness and inflammation. Many patients with eczema also exhibit a sensitive nature and lack of self-confidence. Some theories suggest that in this case, we create a kind of physical barrier around ourselves with the skin condition to prevent ourselves from getting hurt or being harmed. The condition of the skin reflects the state of the soul.

Solution: Let’s dare to be ourselves! Let’s allow others to get close to us, and seek out programs through which we can meet new experiences and people.


Emotional shocks, stress, and helplessness can all contribute to encountering hair-related problems. In such cases, we experience inner turmoil, leading to increased uncertainty and decreased resources.

The condition of our hair often reflects our emotional state, so it’s worth reflecting on if we experience any problems!

To prevent and reduce scalp problems, it’s essential to ensure adequate intake of nutrients. This includes replenishing proteins, vitamins (B, C, D, E), and minerals. Natural vitamins and dietary supplements are free from harmful side effects. Pure active ingredients contain no added synthetic substances, only natural ingredients, allowing our bodies to utilize the active ingredients more efficiently without the burden of filtering out unnecessary materials.


Some theories suggest that underlying mental illnesses may contribute to hair loss. Fear of losing control, internal conflicts, or sudden changes in our environment can also be caused. Worry, frustration, and stress can exacerbate nervousness, leading to the realization of losing our locks.

Solution: Let’s change our attitude and thoughts. Let’s address problematic situations and try to avoid stressful circumstances! Relaxation or yoga can provide excellent relief from the hectic weekdays.

Mental Illnesses

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Baldness, predominantly affecting men, signifies the complete or partial, permanent loss of hair. Factors such as shocking experiences, severe trauma, or divorce may underlie this condition.

Postpartum hair loss, associated with anxiety or fear, is another example, with many women experiencing significant hair loss after childbirth.

Solution: In this case, paying attention to ourselves and consciously managing stress can help. Healthy eating, exercise, and using the right products can prevent hair loss and baldness.


While many associate gray hair with wisdom, mental issues can also be behind the appearance of white strands. Premature graying at younger ages may indicate intense emotional upheaval.

Workplace or familial pressures and the pressure to conform can also cause stress, triggering the problem.

Solution: While we can’t eliminate our gray hair as we age, we can regulate premature appearance. Meditation and spending time with friends can also help alleviate everyday stress. Let’s always try to make time for relaxation!

Mental Illnesses

In the treatment of mental illnesses, besides professionals and doctors, it can be very helpful to try to look behind the problem a bit. What could have triggered the symptom? Has there been any shocking events or significant changes? Remember, you’re never alone! If you’re struggling with scalp problems, feel free to ask for our online hair specialists’ opinions! Besides helping you establish the right hair care routine, we also offer lifestyle-related support!

Author: Petra Giriti


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