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success story
Success story



Kriszti’s mother shared her daughter’s success story with us: “In July 2014, it was discovered that my daughter, Kriszti, had metastatic neuroblastoma. She started receiving the strongest protocol treatment associated with this disease, which lasted for almost 1.5 years. It involved numerous chemotherapy treatments, stem cell transplants, radiation therapy, and medication. She still feels the effects of these treatments to this day, as unfortunately, her kidneys have suffered, but this is not visible from the outside.

However, what is very noticeable for a little girl is that, unfortunately, her hair did not grow back. Her hair follicles were destroyed as a consequence of the treatments. From 2016, when we saw that her hair would not recover on its own, we tried many things. We went to a trichologist for treatment, but unfortunately, her body did not respond to that treatment.

We tried all kinds of shampoos, hair growth products, tonics, conditioners, whatever anyone recommended, but these were also unsuccessful. Her hair remained extremely sparse. Due to her underlying disease, she is not allowed to take any vitamins orally apart from vitamin D, as there are still 2 small tumors in her body, which, fortunately, are encapsulated, but her disease “explodes on vitamins”, and so the doctors continue to prohibit it as a precaution.

I didn’t give up, so I constantly searched the internet, hoping to stumble upon some new method. This is how I found the Szabó Imre Salon’s oxygen therapy hair treatment in May 2020. I saw that they had a charity program, so I applied Kriszti for the treatment on a trial-and-error basis. We were very lucky to be selected for the program, so we started the treatment in July 2020. They said then that few of her hair follicles were working and from those, only 1-2 strands of hair would grow, but even those were of weak quality.

However, already after the 5th treatment, they noticed a change, so we received 5 more sessions with a 50% discount to continue the treatment. After the 10th time, there was a noticeable change, so with the help of a foundation, we have been continuously going, currently every ten days. The quantity and quality of her hair have changed a lot, even hair follicles that were not working at the beginning have started to function, and from many follicles, more strands of hair have begun to grow.

Currently, she can boast many tiny hairs that will grow over time. The improvement is remarkable, and it means a lot to Kriszti emotionally. Before the treatment, she wouldn’t even take off her cap, so troubled by the lack of hair, she became very withdrawn and hated when people looked at her because she didn’t want to be different from anyone else, but now she often wears her hair down.

It’s still not the “real deal”, it’s still visible that she has much less hair than an average child, there are still many treatments ahead, and we know that she will probably never have a huge amount of hair, but we already see that there is hope that one day she can also be proud of her hair.”



Primarily, oxygen therapy addresses issues such as intensive hair loss, post-Covid hair loss, androgenic alopecia, oily or dry scalp, dandruff, scalp flaking, irritated, itchy scalp, dry or oily dandruff, unsuccessful hair growth, damaged hair, dry, split ends, psoriasis, and eczema. However, it’s important to note that these conditions often have underlying immunological problems worsening or triggering them. The treatment, being 100% chemical-free, is completely safe for pregnant women, mothers, and children. Learn more about scalp problems and their prevention. If you feel that your scalp and hair could benefit from Oxygen Therapy, book an appointment with us and try the treatment.

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