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“My story began in July 2022. I was on vacation, but I couldn’t feel completely happy because it was then, that I first noticed that I was losing significantly more hair strands than usual while washing and combing.

I had long hair since my childhood. I loved it and never had any problems with it; I felt lucky to have inherited strong, healthy, easily stylable hair from my parents. I adored it! I always had more hair than average, so initially, I consoled myself with the thought that it was just the usual, natural, periodic hair renewal. But unfortunately, the shedding didn’t stop.

By early autumn, I started to feel desperate. By then, my hair had been falling out for weeks, and I dreaded every hair wash. My apartment, the drain, the comb… I saw nothing but a brutal amount of shed hair everywhere. My self-confidence hit rock bottom.

Like many others with similar issues, I bought anti-hair loss products recommended by friends from pharmacies and drugstores, but unfortunately, I didn’t notice any positive change during their use; my hair just kept falling out.

That’s when I decided to seriously investigate my problem because by then, I had so little hair left that I was one step away from buying a wig. I was clueless about where to start. I understood that hair loss is always caused by an internal problem. This is the way the body signals that something is wrong. My first step was to go for blood tests. I had every possible value checked that could indicate the cause of my discomfort. The results were negative, which was reassuring in a way because according to my reports, I appeared completely healthy. On the other hand, I was left with despair; if there was nothing wrong with my body, how would I find out what was happening with my hair?? What was going to happen to me? For weeks and months, my days were filled with fighting hair loss.

Thanks to a friend, I then discovered the concept of trichology, which I had never heard of before (of course, because I never needed it). I read up on it and found that hair therapy treatments were available in Hungary. I discovered Oxygeni Hair Hungary’s products, but initially, I only studied the compositions online, as I wanted to be sure that it was worth starting such a treatment. Based on what I read and the reviews, I decided to start the therapy, as by then, I wanted to put all my hope in the hands of a trichologist! As a last resort, in early October 2022, I crossed the threshold of the Szabó Imre salon in Budapest. That’s when I met Johanna Misányi, who took on my treatment and welcomed me very kindly.

She asked me in detail, examined my scalp, answered all my questions, provided me with lots of advice, and suggested not to disregard the medical examination results, as something internal definitely caused this, and she could only help me if the real cause of the abnormality was found, and if I used the Oxygeni Hair products at home according to the prescription she wrote. I trusted her completely from our first meeting. I felt, I knew, I was in good hands. We started the therapy immediately. Initially, I went bi-weekly to get the treatment to take effect as soon as possible, as by then my hair thinning was so severe that it was urgent to start the treatment. Additionally, I continued with the investigations in parallel but still produced negative results in all areas.

Johanna and I talked a lot about medications. What do I take, and why?…etc. And then I realized the cause of my ordeal: a certain antifungal medication prescribed by a dermatologist in mid-July. I didn’t suspect it, as the doctor insisted that the medication had no side effects. I went home and took the first dose, which I repeated every week for three months. Everything matched. The whole horror started when I took the first dose! I trusted my doctor so much that the connection never crossed my mind! But the patient information leaflet also confirmed that likely, the capsule caused me to lose two-thirds of my hair. I immediately stopped taking it, regularly attended oxygen therapy, and followed my trichologist’s advice at home.

Not yet during the first two sessions, but after the third session, a miracle happened. The shedding stopped, and baby hairs started to appear! I’ve never been so happy in my life! From then on, I went to every treatment feeling good. By December, I knew everything was going to be fine, and I would get my hair back! I underwent 10 therapeutic treatments. For the second set of 5 treatments, I only went monthly.

The therapeutic process was a very pleasant procedure, a real indulgence. Moreover, it was a joy to enter the salon because of its idyllic environment and the very kind staff greeting me every time.

I’ve regained my hair, which will once again become the crown of hair I used to have! It’s an incredibly good feeling to look in the mirror every day, or just to run my fingers through it, and feel how strong and healthy it is again! Thanks to the therapy, hair growth is also one and a half times faster. Hair loss is a thing of the past, and the events of a year ago are now only a bad memory.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Johanna, who was there for me as a pillar of emotional support throughout, possesses extremely high knowledge in trichology, is a wonderful personality, and last but not least, a fantastic hairstylist!

Thank you, Johanna! Thank you, Oxygeni Hair! Thank you, Szabó Imre Salon in Budapest! I will remain a guest of the salon forever!”



Primarily, oxygen therapy addresses issues such as intensive hair loss, post-Covid hair loss, androgenic alopecia, oily or dry scalp, dandruff, scalp flaking, irritated, itchy scalp, dry or oily dandruff, unsuccessful hair growth, damaged hair, dry, split ends, psoriasis, and eczema. However, it’s important to note that these conditions often have underlying immunological problems worsening or triggering them. The treatment, being 100% chemical-free, is completely safe for pregnant women, mothers, and children. Learn more about scalp problems and their prevention. If you feel that your scalp and hair could benefit from Oxygen Therapy, book an appointment with us and try the treatment.

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