success story
success story
success story



My hair loss journey began in November 2022 with the loss of a close family member. Unfortunately, the period that followed was physically and emotionally challenging for me, which not only jeopardized my mental health over time but also led to the appearance of physical symptoms.

In August 2023, one morning I woke up to find significantly more hair on my white pillowcase than usual. Initially, I only noticed increased hair loss during washing, but after a week or two, I started to experience a noticeable amount of hair falling out during everyday combing and styling.

At first, I tried to reassure myself by attributing the symptoms to seasonal hair loss, believing there was no serious problem behind my hair loss. However, when I repeatedly found large amounts of hair in my hands, I began to genuinely worry.

I would comb over the sink every morning and evening, counting each hair strand lost that day, which consistently exceeded what could be considered normal daily hair loss.

For about a month, I convinced myself that this still might not necessarily be cause for concern, always brushing aside the reality with the saying “no one ever died from a little hair loss.” The turning point came when I looked in the mirror and noticed a significant thinning of my hairline on both sides of my forehead – the area previously filled with baby hairs was now bare scalp.

Naturally, I underwent several medical examinations, including a complete blood count analysis and imaging tests, where no organ abnormalities or deviations were found, except for a minimally lower level of iron in my body, which was not severe enough to cause such side effects.

I was diagnosed with telogen effluvium, which occurred after a difficult, stressful period.

After spending many hours browsing the internet, I came across Oxygeni Hair. I carefully read the information on the website about the treatment. I felt that I definitely needed to give the treatment a try, as I had seen the transformation of many similar guests struggling with hair loss in the before-and-after photos, and I thought, why couldn’t I be next?

In October 2023, I made an appointment at Oxygeni Hair’s salon in the 11th district, where I met Zsüliett Horváth, a hair therapist. What was most important to me was that Zsüliett and I understood each other very well from the first meeting, so throughout the treatment, I felt I was in good hands. She listened attentively to my story, and from the beginning, she reassured me that if I followed the routine she had established regarding home care and lifestyle, both my thinning hairline and general hair loss would improve. She emphasized the importance of increased fluid intake, regular meals, and, particularly in my case, proper stress management.

success story


success story


The first time I sat in the hairdresser’s chair, I already knew that this treatment would benefit me, there could be no other outcome. After the first oxygen therapy session, we selected a personalized shampoo and conditioner for me to use at home, which I diligently use twice a week during hair washes. Zsüli recommended a 5-session, bi-weekly recurring oxygen therapy pass for me to start with, so I couldn’t wait for the next session after the first treatment.

After the second treatment, the condition of my scalp significantly improved, it became much more hydrated and less irritated. We noticed the strengthening of baby hairs during the 4th treatment when they began to misbehave around my face during drying – much to my delight, of course. My hair loss decreased significantly from treatment to treatment, and by the fifth session, there was so little hair left in the brush at the end of the treatment that even Zsüli was surprised.

Simply talking with Zsüli was therapeutic in itself, and it meant a lot to me that she believed in its success from the very beginning of the treatment. The products selected for home care worked perfectly for me; they are easy to use, have good composition, and were chosen to address my individual issue.

So, along with changes in lifestyle and home care, the therapy was a complete success for me.

Since many around me struggle with hair loss, I always enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge about oxygen therapy with them. I have personally experienced and lived through the treatment, so I can confidently recommend it to anyone dealing with any type of hair loss.



Primarily, oxygen therapy addresses issues such as intensive hair loss, post-Covid hair loss, androgenic alopecia, oily or dry scalp, dandruff, scalp flaking, irritated, itchy scalp, dry or oily dandruff, unsuccessful hair growth, damaged hair, dry, split ends, psoriasis, and eczema. However, it’s important to note that these conditions often have underlying immunological problems worsening or triggering them. The treatment, being 100% chemical-free, is completely safe for pregnant women, mothers, and children. Learn more about scalp problems and their prevention. If you feel that your scalp and hair could benefit from Oxygen Therapy, book an appointment with us and try the treatment.

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