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“I’ve been struggling with hair loss since my teenage years, which significantly affected my self-confidence. I was self-conscious about people seeing the top of my head because my hair was thin in many places, and my scalp was visible. I often dreamed of having long and thick hair, but I knew that was never going to happen for me.

I tried many methods, but none were truly successful. It was later found that this was likely due to insulin resistance. As we began treating this with medical help, my hair quality improved significantly. It became much stronger and grew relatively quickly, but only in length. The amount of hair at the top of my head remained quite sparse.

For months, I watched the Instagram posts of Oxygeni and couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw incredible transformations but would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit skeptical about the treatment. Spoiler: This feeling quickly disappeared after about the second treatment. 😀

Returning to my story, I talked a lot about this with my family, who knew how much I wanted to find a solution for my hair growth and volume. That’s why they surprised me with a 10-session pass for my birthday.

My diagnosis was fine, easily breakable hair, damaged hair follicles, and a wounded scalp. The products I use at home are Hair Loss Shampoo, Hair Loss Mask, Vitamin Serum, Pure Aloe Vera, H2O Thermal, and Hydrate Oil. My scalp was very dry due to low fluid intake, so I had to pay close attention to that. Luckily, Erika always welcomed me with a glass of cucumber and ginger water, which was “mandatory” to drink. 😀

I received a 10-session pass for my birthday, but I will definitely continue with follow-up treatments. The truth is, change was noticeable after just the second session, and after the 4-5th session, baby hairs began to appear. I think the final result speaks for itself; my hair quality has changed significantly, and as a result, my self-confidence has greatly increased. A healthy head of hair really makes a difference, and although it’s not the end yet, I think we’re on the right track. Every session with Erika was a delight, thanks to her golden touch. 😀

Her knowledge impressed me from the first session, and our initial conversation was so pleasant, it felt like visiting my psychologist. She provided me with lots of advice that also contributed to the final result. I couldn’t single out one specific product; I really loved them all. I recommended oxygen therapy to my sister and would recommend it to anyone facing similar issues.”



Primarily, oxygen therapy addresses issues such as intensive hair loss, post-Covid hair loss, androgenic alopecia, oily or dry scalp, dandruff, scalp flaking, irritated, itchy scalp, dry or oily dandruff, unsuccessful hair growth, damaged hair, dry, split ends, psoriasis, and eczema. However, it’s important to note that these conditions often have underlying immunological problems worsening or triggering them. The treatment, being 100% chemical-free, is completely safe for pregnant women, mothers, and children. Learn more about scalp problems and their prevention. If you feel that your scalp and hair could benefit from Oxygen Therapy, book an appointment with us and try the treatment.

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