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“In 2018, I was diagnosed with hormone-related breast cancer, for which the medical protocol involved stopping the production of estrogen in my body, leading to male-pattern alopecia among other side effects. Three years passed between my last chemotherapy session and my first Oxygeni Hair treatment, but I still take estrogen-blocking medication to this day, which significantly complicates my hair growth journey. Since I had beautiful, long hair before the illness, which was the first striking sign of my femininity, it was emotionally devastating when I found out that barely any hair had grown back after the chemotherapy treatments.

I regularly looked at relevant photos on Google until one day I came across the before-and-after pictures on the Oxygeni Hair website. I searched for a salon near my residence and realized that the trichologist was an old acquaintance of mine. My brother said if there was even a 1% chance of having fuller hair again, I should try it, and he was right.

Having a normal scalp, my trichologist recommended products suitable for hair growth and controlling hair loss for home use: Hair Loss Shampoo, Hydrate Mask, H2O Thermal, Vitamin Serum, Pure Aloe Vera, and Hair Power, and suggested a minimum of 10 therapy sessions, one every 3 weeks.

I had been leading a healthy lifestyle even before starting the treatments, which my trichologist also reinforced (eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking 2-3 liters of clean water daily). I continue to attend to this day. After just 5 sessions, we already thought there was a significant change, but the photos taken after the 10th session confirmed the full success of the therapy. Currently, I receive maintenance treatments every two months, which has brought further improvement to the condition of my hair.

I love the therapy and enjoy going for the trichology service. I’ve developed a friendly relationship with my trichologist and always find our meetings relaxing. Mentally and emotionally, I feel better, as beautiful hair is very important for a woman.

I had complete trust in my trichologist’s professionalism from the beginning, and in the end, it proved I was right to do so. At the end of the ten-session treatment, I fell into lethargy knowing that we would meet less frequently because I loved going there. The atmosphere was pleasant, my trichologist smart, intelligent, and attentive, and last but not least, I loved the treatments, especially the massages. I always look forward to the next one. When we compared the photos taken at the end of each treatment, the ecstasy was complete because it was proven time and again that it was a good decision to start the treatment.

Since we began, I have banished every hair care product containing synthetic materials from my bathroom.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this therapy to others, and as it turns out, my acquaintances also recommend it to others, after seeing my results. I think patience and persistence are two very important factors that must be considered. Be prepared that visible results are not guaranteed within a month, and home care is indispensable to it.”



Primarily, oxygen therapy addresses issues such as intensive hair loss, post-Covid hair loss, androgenic alopecia, oily or dry scalp, dandruff, scalp flaking, irritated, itchy scalp, dry or oily dandruff, unsuccessful hair growth, damaged hair, dry, split ends, psoriasis, and eczema. However, it’s important to note that these conditions often have underlying immunological problems worsening or triggering them. The treatment, being 100% chemical-free, is completely safe for pregnant women, mothers, and children. Learn more about scalp problems and their prevention. If you feel that your scalp and hair could benefit from Oxygen Therapy, book an appointment with us and try the treatment.

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