organic, vegan, natural cosmetics


There is a growing popularity of organic, natural, and vegan cosmetics. Nowadays, you can find various natural creams and beauty products on the shelves of most stores, but for many, the difference between these three concepts remains unclear. In our article, we help answer this question; let’s see what it means when a product represents natural, organic, or vegan certification!


The main characteristic of natural cosmetics is that they are made using only natural ingredients of natural origin. This means they do not contain artificial additives, fragrances, or colorants. Their primary ingredients include extracts from vegetables and fruits, medicinal herbs, spices, essential oils, and plant oils. It’s important to note that natural cosmetics are not synonymous with vegan cosmetics, as they may contain animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or goat milk.

For a cosmetic product to receive a natural certification, it must comply with strict regulations and rules. For example, it cannot contain silicone, paraffin, artificial emulsifiers, or synthetic chemicals.

organic, vegan, natural cosmetics

Since natural cosmetics cannot contain artificial preservatives (such as parabens) and their ingredients are more perishable, the shelf life of these creams expires sooner. For instance, grapefruit seed extract is often used as a preservative in natural cosmetics.

In the case of natural cosmetics, you may come across various logos that indicate natural ingredients and creams free from harmful substances. For example, the BDIH seal indicates products free from synthetic fats and oils, while the Demeter logo is found on products free from genetically engineered materials.


Organic cosmetics are those beauty products where every plant-based ingredient is certified organic. Organic cosmetics represent the highest level of pesticide-free standards, so they must meet much stricter criteria than natural cosmetics.

In such products, 95% of the ingredients must come from organic farming, and only 5% can have traditional plant-based or animal-based compositions. Organic cosmetics deliver active ingredients to the skin multiple times, as they are free from all types of artificial and synthetic substances.

organic, vegan, natural cosmetics

Organic cosmetics cannot contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, petroleum-derived or aluminum-derived ingredients. During their production, the use of genetically modified ingredients and animal testing is prohibited. These cosmetics typically receive green packaging and feature the “bio” label on their label for easier identification.


Vegan cosmetics are creams and beauty products produced without animal-derived ingredients and free from animal testing. Similar to natural cosmetics, vegan products also do not contain synthetic materials or preservatives, and are exclusively made from plant-based oils.

In their formulation, emphasis is placed on naturalness and natural ingredients, excluding beeswax, animal-derived coloring, gelatin, or lanolin (wool fat). Vegan cosmetics are organic and cruelty-free, meeting strictest ecological standards.

organic, vegan, natural cosmetics

When it comes to vegan cosmetics, one often encounters the term “cruelty-free,” indicating products that are free from animal testing. In most cases, this term accompanies the vegan logo, but not always. If it’s important to you that a product is not only vegan but also cruelty-free, it’s worth checking the packaging.

If you find a bunny logo on the label, it signifies that the product has not undergone animal testing before being put on the market. Regarding vegan certification, various company emblems can be found. For example, The Vegan Society‘s logo depicts a sunflower, while the Certified Vegan mark features a V enclosed in a heart.

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organic, vegan, natural cosmetics

In summary, vegan, organic, or natural cosmetics can all be suitable choices because none of these directions contain harmful ingredients that could trigger allergic reactions on the skin. Thanks to their natural ingredients, your skin can become nourished and healthy, while these chemical-free products do not accelerate the formation of wrinkles. Last but not least, choosing these cosmetics benefits not only you but also the planet, as artificial ingredients can have negative impacts not just on us but also on our environment.

Author: Petra Giriti


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