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Since the widespread use of social media, we have less and less time for ourselves. Often, we stay in touch with our colleagues/loved ones through these platforms, so we usually feel anxious when our phone is not nearby. It can feel like we’re missing a limb at such times because the phone becomes an integral part of our bodies. This isn’t a major issue on its own, but it’s important to establish boundaries, which is why we’re here to assist you with our article. If you also need more “me time,” read on!


It’s a proven fact that people who have a quality social life are happier. Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram chats don’t fall into this category. You might have a Facebook friend who likes your posts but would cross the street if they saw you coming. Urban dwellers often experience “social loneliness”: surrounded by hustle and bustle, yet feeling alone inside.

During gatherings, silence your phone; you don’t need to check every new post immediately, and answering work emails can wait since it’s no longer office hours. Respect yourself by not dealing with work matters during your “me time.” Believe us, you’ll feel calmer when you don’t feel like you always have to be on standby, and your friends will appreciate it if you’re not constantly hanging onto your phone.

At first, it may be difficult to concentrate because you’re used to short posts with colorful pictures, but in the long run, reading teaches you to focus. You can experience the feeling of flow, living in the present moment. Involve a friend in the game; convince them to read the same book simultaneously, so you’ll always have someone to discuss your thoughts and observations with.

me time


Exercise not only provides better physical fitness, but also greatly contributes to reducing workplace stress. If you have a desk job, pay attention to maintaining proper posture! If possible, stand up and stretch your back and limbs every hour! You’ll feel better, and in the long run, your spine will thank you for those few minutes of “me time” when you took a break from work to care for it.

Are you still buzzing after work, feeling unable to relax? If you’re someone who follows many profiles on Instagram, you’ll likely become increasingly negative because you spend your “me time” criticizing yourself. Just think about it! In the world of social media, everything seems perfect, and unconsciously, you compare your life to the lives of other influencers who often portray a false image of themselves. Don’t follow profiles that make you feel bad! You won’t get in better shape by looking at pictures of perfect models while berating yourself.

Spend the afternoon more wisely; in your liberated “me time,” go work out, and you’ll be closer to your goals. With fewer profiles to follow, your urge to check your phone will decrease, giving you more time for yourself. Of course, if a particular profile motivates you, feel free to follow it, and if you don’t have time to go to the gym after work, you can find numerous exercises on YouTube.

me time

Social media isn’t your enemy if you use it properly. If you often feel tense, and long for a bit of seclusion, yoga may be an ideal choice for you. It not only shapes your body, but also has a beneficial effect on your soul. Meditation is becoming increasingly popular in Western society. In our hectic daily lives, it’s important to sometimes be alone, observe the sensations in our bodies, and quiet our minds. Meditation is good for our mental health! If sitting still to meditate is difficult for you, go to a fun dance class or a spinning workout, as you might be the type of person who prefers to release tension through movement.


Every morning, when you look in the mirror, praise yourself for being beautiful, and notice something you like about yourself, something you’re satisfied with. Let the morning be your “me time” when you pamper yourself. Dress stylishly not for others, apply beautiful makeup not for others but out of self-respect, and it will show in your radiance. Allow yourself time to get ready; don’t rush!

It’s best to wake up to a traditional alarm clock and leave your phone off during preparation so fewer impulses reach you, and you can fully dedicate your “me time” to yourself. The secret to beautiful skin is the right amount and quality of sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, listen to soft music before bedtime or get a natural diffuser. Lavender is known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system, aiding relaxation, but lemon balm has a similar effect. If you’re regularly stressed, try aromatherapy massage, which not only calms but also benefits your skin.

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When it comes to beauty care, proper hair care is particularly important. If you dream of beautiful long hair, you should know that beauty primarily comes from within. Cleanse your diet, and consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. Unless you belong to the lucky ten percent who naturally have healthy scalp and hair, you’re likely to struggle with scalp problems that can significantly hinder hair growth.

If you have dry, irritated scalp, try Oxygeni Hair Vitamin Serum! It contains more than fifty-two types of vitamins and minerals, which contribute to reducing hair loss among other benefits. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to penetrate deep into the scalp, providing a solution not only to surface problems. As a result, it revitalizes cells and hair follicles, resulting in a more resistant, healthier scalp against environmental effects.

If you’re truly dedicated to hair care, oxygen therapy is designed for you! This innovative method is based on strengthening the immune system, guaranteeing dramatic results in any scalp problem. It effectively stimulates hair growth, resulting in a fuller hair crown. The therapy is based 100% on natural ingredients, making it entirely risk-free, and even people with allergies can safely use it. 

me time

“Me time” means something different for everyone. We find ourselves in different sports/hobbies, whether it’s painting, dancing, or even rock climbing. The important thing is to stay present during your “me time” and focus on the activity you enjoy. Read Corinne Sweet’s book “Mindfulness,” which teaches you how to be consciously present in every moment.

Author: Angela Tóth


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