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There are countless myths circulating on the internet and in fashion magazines about proper hair care, making it difficult to determine whether the sources are reliable or not. The correct hair care routine is essential for the health of your hair and scalp, so we’ve gathered some DO’S and DONT’S to help you perfect your hair care habits.



Shampooing is the first and one of the most defining steps in your hair care routine. Firstly, you need to find a shampoo that suits your scalp and hair type. Shampoo primarily cleanses the hair and scalp, removing accumulated impurities and oils so that the subsequent steps in your hair care routine can be effective. Once you’ve found the best shampoo for you, dilute it with water in an applicator before use, and then apply it to your scalp and hair. Gently massage the chosen shampoo into your scalp, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. It’s recommended to wash your hair twice in a row during one session to effectively cleanse the scalp.

If you’re using natural shampoos, it’s important to note that they are free from silicones and sulfates, which are responsible for hair smoothness and shampoo foaming. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the shampoo produces less lather, especially during the first wash or if your hair feels slightly squeaky after washing. However, if the shampoo still doesn’t foam during the second wash, wash the hair for the third time with diluted shampoo.

Oxygeni Hair shampoos are concentrated and are not diluted. Therefore, it’s important to dilute them with water before use and then apply them to your scalp and hair. For Oxygeni Hair products, depending on the hair length, diluting 10-15 ml of shampoo with 60-70 ml of water is recommended.

Oily hair – For oily hair, choose a shampoo that helps balance sebum production on the scalp, thereby preventing excessive greasiness. For best results, use a shampoo containing antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients, soothing cucumber extract, and citrus fruits.

Dry hair – For dry hair, choose a shampoo containing hydrating and nourishing oils, lavender, elderflower, or sweet orange.

Normal hair – If you’re one of the lucky ones with normal hair type, you can use any product designed for normal hair. Oxygeni Hair Sensitive Wash is an excellent choice if you want to maintain the health of your scalp and hair with natural active ingredients!

If you want to learn more about caring for different hair types, read about it in our blog HERE!

right hair care routine


During toning, you disinfect your scalp and remove any remaining impurities and oils. Hair tonics containing caffeine help promote hair growth, while aloe vera-based tonics soothe the scalp. When using hair tonic, we restore the pH balance of the hair and regulate sebum production, thereby preventing clogged hair follicles due to excessive sebum production. Apply 10 ml of Tonic diluted with 30 ml of water to your scalp. Leave it on for 4-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


Hair end care is essential for maintaining a well-kept and fresh-looking hairstyle. It helps eliminate split ends and prevents the formation of new breakage. After applying the tonic, apply the hair end care product from root to tip, strand by strand. Leave it on for 4-5 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Sensitive Mask

Enriched with argan oil, shea butter, and natural licorice extract, the Sensitive Mask soothes and nourishes the skin, scalp, and hair. It is particularly recommended for oily hair and for caring for sensitive, inflamed, and irritated skin and scalp. It helps regenerate dry hair strands, leaving the hair silky, soft, and easy to comb.


Healthy hair strands are built from proteins and minerals. Their deficiency can lead to hair thinning, hair loss, or various scalp conditions. It’s important to consider our scalp as the nutrient substrate for our hair strands, which requires continuous nourishment. The Vitamin Serum helps maintain the scalp’s vitamin and mineral requirements, thereby boosting scalp immunity and aiding in the prevention or treatment of various hair and scalp problems.

The Oxygeni Hair Vitamin Serum contains 59 types of vitamins and minerals, helping to combat hair loss and provide a healthy scalp replenishment and extra fast hair growth. It replenishes the deep structure of the scalp with minerals, stimulating and revitalizing hair follicles, and strengthening scalp resistance. It can be used for genetic, androgenic, diffuse, or patchy hair loss.

Mix 1 ml of Vitamin Serum with 10 ml of Aloe Vera Gel or Basic Gel, then dilute with 10-15 ml of distilled water. Spray it onto your scalp, then massage it in thoroughly. There’s no need to rinse it off; just dry your hair with a warm air hairdryer after applying the product.


In the summer, we all dream of beautiful and healthy hair, so we do everything we can to find the best practices for hair care on the internet. However, these tips often produce the opposite results of what we desire. Here are some myths about summer hair care.

right hair care routine

MYTH NR.1 Do Not Dry Your Hair!

We often read advice to let our hair air dry instead of using a hairdryer. However, this is a huge misconception. Wet hair strands swell and become more vulnerable to damage. By not drying our hair, it remains wet for a longer period, exposing our hair strands to more risk.

The recommended drying method is to first blot the wet hair with a towel and then comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Only after this should hair drying begin. Use the hairdryer on the lowest setting, about 15 centimeters away from your scalp.

MYTH Nr.2 Wash Your Hair Every Day!

Daily hair washing is extremely harmful to both the hair strands and the scalp, as it doesn’t allow your hair to regain its natural pH and disrupts proper sebum production. The most suitable frequency for hair washing for healthy hair is 1-2 times a week.

MYTH NR.3 The Hotter, the Better!

Many suffer from greasy hair without realizing they make a huge mistake right at the beginning of hair washing. Hot water will stimulate more sebum production on the scalp, making the hair even greasier. It’s better to wash your hair with lukewarm water.

MYTH NR.4 There's Only One Right Hair Care Routine!

Different scalp and hair types require different hair care routines. Applying a hair care routine meant for oily, dandruff-prone hair to dry hair will only worsen its health. Each hair care routine is entirely personalized and unique because no two scalp and hair structures are exactly alike.


  • For very dry, dehydrated scalp, avoid frequent toning as it can further dry out the scalp.
  • In the case of oily hair, frequent scalp masks and moisturizing treatments are not recommended as they can increase sebum production. In this scenario, focus on thorough scalp cleansing and toning.
  • For balding or short-haired men, frequent hair end care is unnecessary, so they can skip this step in their hair care routine.
right hair care routine

By following these tips, you’ll surely start your summer with beautiful, healthy, and well-groomed hair! Remember, it’s important to understand your own hair and its signals. For any other hair concerns, don’t hesitate to consult our hair specialists so we can help you find the best hair therapy for you! Read our Blog for more tips! Also, take a look at our webshop if you’d like to explore our 100% natural, chemical-free, vegan hair care products!

Author: Gréta Czakó


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