autumn hair care


Fall is in full swing, so it’s worth paying extra attention to our hair, as it deserves special treatment during this period. Fall hair care is essential for our hair because it’s exposed not only to the changing weather but also to more stressful times. Here are some tips to help you keep your hair healthy this autumn!


With the arrival of autumn, colder days come, which leads to a decrease in outdoor humidity. However, at the same time, the heating season begins, so our scalp and hair constantly need to adapt to the changing temperatures. Here are five tips to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy, dry, and damaged!

autumn hair care


The warmer indoor temperatures and the cooler, strong windy outdoor weather can collectively affect the structure and health of our hair. As a result, our hair is more prone to split ends and damage. During this time, hair growth is also not very prominent, as damaged ends will break off after reaching a certain length. One important aspect of autumn hair care is regular haircuts. It’s time to visit your favorite hair salon to refresh your hairstyle and trim the split ends!


In the hot summer weather, nothing seems easier and faster than putting our hair up in a ponytail. However, hair ties can pull on our hair so much that it can not only weaken the hair follicles but also break the hair along the tie. On cooler autumn days, it’s better to wear accessories like clips or headbands instead. This type of hairstyle allows our hair to strengthen and regain vitality during these few months.

autumn hair care


During autumn hair care, it is crucial to use moisturizing shampoos and masks containing natural oils. The cooler, colder weather can dry out the hair by absorbing its moisture. During this period, it is much more common to experience “static, flying hair” and tangled, frizzy hair. Take the time to find the right products and choose those that can help rejuvenate your dry hair.

Oxygeni Hair Dry Hair and Scalp Care products offer an excellent solution for treating dry hair. Among the products, Hydrate Wash, with its sunflower seed oil content, nourishes the scalp. It also helps with proper energy and blood supply and has antioxidant effects.

The Sensitive Mask hydrates both your scalp and hair in one step. Instead of synthetic silicone, it contains broccoli seed oil, which makes your hair easy to comb and style. Try our products and take care of your hair during the autumn months!

autumn hair care


In addition to the right shampoos and masks, oils are the best way to care for dry hair. During autumn hair care, it is especially important to pay attention to your hair ends. In this period, our hair is exposed to the harmful effects and stressful situations of city life, combined with the cooler, windier weather. As a result, the hair ends are more prone to damage, and you may experience more intense breakage in autumn. Choose a hair oil that deeply nourishes your hair with vitamins and minerals.

Oxygeni Hair Extra Vitamin Hair Oil products are designed for lifeless, dull, and damaged hair. Pure Aloe Vera deeply hydrates, Vitamin Serum replenishes the scalp and its inner structure with valuable active ingredients, and Med Oil maximally regenerates and hydrates the damaged ends. Try these products and enrich your hair with vitamins!


Vitamin D is extremely important for our bodies and is essential for hair growth. In summer, we get plenty of it thanks to the sunny hours, but in autumn and winter, our vitamin D levels can drop dramatically. Therefore, autumn hair care involves not only using the right products or hairstyles but also diet. It is worth consuming foods rich in vitamin D during these periods. Salmon, sardines, tuna, eggs, oatmeal, and mushrooms are all excellent sources of the vitamin.

autumn hair care

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the ingredients in today’s diet do not contain enough beneficial micronutrients. This is compounded by irregular eating habits, a fast-paced lifestyle, and lack of exercise, which also affect the condition of our hair and skin. It is important to ensure we intake sufficient vitamins and nutrients.


While the above tips can help prevent dry hair, there are circumstances where additional support is needed. Oxygen therapy treatment can be an excellent supplement if your dry, lifeless hair requires external intervention. Our scalp is the foundation for our hair, and it needs as much care as any other skin surface.

This trichological treatment can be used for any scalp problem and is based 100% on natural active ingredients. Oxygen therapy helps eliminate dry scalp symptoms by deeply hydrating and replenishing it with valuable nutrients. It restores the natural state of sebum production, helping the scalp regain its moisture.

If you feel like your dry, dull hair needs help, book an appointment for our oxygen therapy treatment!

autumn hair care

Just like summer, autumn hair care is essential for maintaining the beauty and health of your hair. To prevent your hair from becoming frizzy and damaged during the cooler months, always take the time for proper hair care. Use products with natural ingredients, wear a hat on colder days, and eat foods rich in vitamins! If you want professional help, consult our trichologists online, who provide personalized trichological and hair care advice along with lifestyle information!

Author: Petra Giriti


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