SLOW, CLEAN and FRESH go hand in hand nowadays in the beauty industry. Choosing natural over synthetic and the change of consumers create new areas. Slow – Clean – Fresh Cosmetics is the newest trend in the industry of cosmetics.


Slow Beauty movement is similar to Slow Food movement regarding lifestyle. They reject drastic aesthetic interventions like Botox. One of its most important factors is using natural ingredients in cosmetics, accepting the aging of the skin and living in harmony with our bodies, finding the balance in our mental and physical life, using ‘eco-friendly’ products, and of course accepting and loving ourselves.


The Slow Beauty movement is similar to Slow Food in its approach to current lifestyle trends. It rejects harsh aesthetic interventions, such as Botox treatments. Its key criteria include the use of natural ingredients in cosmetics, the acceptance of skin ageing and the importance of working with our bodies, maintaining a balance between mind and body, the marketing of eco-friendly products, and the appreciation of ourselves and our bodies.


The point of the Clean Lifestyle movement is to create a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle with proper nutrition, exercise, spiritual positivity and cosmetics made from natural ingredients.

The Clean Beauty movement has become widespread thanks to conscious consumption. Products are made from natural ingredients and satisfy the needs of people with sensitive skin. The goal of Clean Beauty is to use products made from non-toxic ingredients that don’t lead to adverse health effects.


The term Fresh can be found in many places today, from lifestyle coaches to the cosmetics industry. It means both the use of fresh and natural ingredients from a nutritional point of view, products made without synthetic ingredients and added artificial preservatives, and unprocessed foods.

In regards to beauty and skin care, it also means products made using fresh ingredients and form-breaking manufacturing processes that do not use synthetic materials, but staying natural is their main goal, preserving the natural properties of the skin. Yet the most important thing about the term Fresh is that the products are not only natural in their ingredients, but the effect they cause is also refreshing.


Slow, Clean and Fresh concepts also play an important role in the field of hair care. There has been a growing demand for environmentally conscious behavior and the avoidance of various synthetic materials. Due to this, we prefer to use products that, while preserving and restoring the natural beauty of our hair, do not burden the environment and do not contribute to the growth of our ecological footprint.
The mission of Oxygeni Hair is to promote this philosophy. It’s recommended to choose products that come from reliable sources and have proven effects.


Fair Trade has been a kind of charitable initiative from the beginning: going beyond short-term trade interests, it seeks to help small, local farmers in poor countries and, through them, local communities. The psychological benefits are significant compared to charity. Small producers in the poorest countries may feel the need for their work and product. Consumers of their products pay on average 30-50% more for their products, but in return, they get better than average quality products and know that the extra spending serves social purposes. Environmental expectations are also becoming increasingly important in fair trade, and environmental interests and values ​​are important as well.

Oxygeni Hair products as slow cosmetics

Our products are created with careful attention to detail, precise design and craftsmanship. Our brand’s main goal is to offer the most environmentally and human-friendly choices possible. Our aim is not mass production, but long-term quality and value.

We strive to be kind to the environment, developing our products slowly and minimising the use of fossil energy in our manufacturing processes. Our products are packaged using state-of-the-art technology and environmentally friendly, biodegradable plastic and glass.

Oxygeni Hair products contain only natural active ingredients, extracted from high quality raw materials from controlled farms. We have kept in mind that products with natural active ingredients are the best way to promote healthy hair and scalp.

It was important to us that our products were free from chemicals and other harmful substances. Oxygeni Hair’s products contain vegan ingredients and we do not use animal testing in their development. We do not enrich our products with any dyes or fragrances, protecting your scalp and hair from artificial, harmful substances.