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What is seborrhea? What causes seborrhea?

Among the underlying causes of seborrhea are genetic factors, hormonal changes, and different autoimmune processes. Excessive oiliness of the skin also plays a role in developing seborrhea, but so does an inadequate fat breakdown process. Weather changes are also an important factor when it comes to the severity of seborrhea as cold, dry weather often worsens, and intensifies the existing symptoms. In addition, going through a stressful period of life or dealing with sickness can also have a negative impact on the symptoms. 

Autoimmune processes develop due to the body’s intolerances.

Many intolerances can develop due to external factors such as air pollution and other environmental factors, chemicals, insecticides, radiation, etc.

An inadequate hair and skincare routine can also cause intolerances.

Various medications, diseases, vitamin deficiency, and other deficiencies (malnutrition, gastrointestinal problems) and medical treatments such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy can also lead to the development of certain intolerances.

Food-related intolerances are also very common these days due to the abundance of artificial substances such as preservatives, fertilizers, and polluted water. Gluten intolerance and milk protein intolerance are considered to be common diseases.

Psychological reasons such as stress, family problems, divorce, and inadequate lifestyle can also impact the development of intolerance.

When several diseases meet in the human body, the immune system of the body can respond by ‘attacking” its own cells thus developing an autoimmune disease.

Seborrhea affects roughly 5% of the population and it can develop in any age group, both for women and men. Childhood seborrhoea is often temporary, in which case the symptoms usually appear on the top of the scalp, around the ear, and eyebrows.

What are the symptoms of seborrhea?

Dandruff or Seborrhea?

Dandruff can be a symptom of seborrhea.

Essentially, a dandruffy scalp is easy to treat and can be cured quickly. Usually, dandruff develops on the scalp as a result of a cold, dehydration, or as a side effect of some kind of chemical, but it is a passing symptom. In the case of seborrhea, we are looking at a lifelong, autoimmune process, which may contain symptom-free periods, but over time – especially during a difficult, mentally, and physically challenging period – the symptoms return. Seborrhea symptoms are constantly impacted and aggravated by various intolerances.

The scaling of the scalp, i.e. dandruff is (also in the case of Seborrhoea) caused by the growth of fungi, while greasiness is caused by the increased sebum production of the scalp and skin.

Psoriasis or seborrhea?

Psoriasis and seborrhea are often mixed up. The main difference between the symptoms is that in the case of psoriasis symptoms, yellowish, white-ish, dry, and scaly spots appear on the scalp and body, while in the case of seborrhea symptoms, redness and greasiness are more typical. Seborrhea tends to appear on the scalp and face while psoriasis can appear anywhere on the body, especially the folds of the body (e.g. elbows, behind the ears, knees).

However, the diseases are similar on a few counts. Both seborrhea and psoriasis are autoimmune diseases, they often develop as a result of intolerances, and unfortunately, they can not be cured, but can be made symptom-free with adequate care. In the case of both diseases, stress and mental problems worsen the symptoms. None of them are contagious! When it comes to psoriasis and seborrhea remedies, it is known that thermal water, salt water, and sunlight can help alleviate the symptoms. A proper, conscious lifestyle and a healthy diet can also promote improvement while external treatments can be used for both. Significant results can also be achieved with oxygen therapy in the case of seborrhea and psoriasis.

Seborrhea treatments

There are many different seborrhea treatment options. Often artificial products or medical preparations are used for the treatment of this disease, but several problems can arise in that case. Pharmaceutical preparations try to eliminate seborrhea with more aggressive shampoos, creams, and drugs, which often provide only a short-term solution. This usually lasts only for a maximum of 3 months, after which, if the treatment is stopped or paused, the condition of the skin will only worsen. On the other hand, if the use of these medicinal products continues, the individual may suffer permanent damage to their health. This may lead to inflammation of the skin and hair follicles, followed by their chronic weakening, and in some cases even hair loss.

The oxygen therapy treatment developed by Oxygeni Hair and Skin helps skin cells and hair follicles to receive an adequate oxygen supply. The therapy starts with a micro-camera scalp examination, where inflammation as well as other scalp-related problems can be detected in the deeper layers of the skin. During our open days, you have the opportunity to take part in a free micro-camera diagnosis. If you suspect any skin disease and would like to get it checked out, you can find the nearest salon HERE!

During the oxygen therapy treatment, we not only deliver fresh oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin, but oxygen, as a carrier molecule, helps deliver the active ingredients to the right place. The advantage of this method is that (without the use of needles) oxygen and serums which treat skin diseases are introduced into the space between the cells, where the lymphatic fluid (which nourishes the cells) is located.

Due to the adequate supply of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to the hair follicles and the skin, the hair strands are revitalized, strengthened, and thickened, and the scalp is cleansed of impurities allowing it to regain its proper pH value. In the case of cosmetic oxygen therapy, the problematic skin surface is treated, be it the chest, face, arms, or legs.

The therapy is recommended for treating both the scalp and the skin, as cosmetic oxygen therapy is now available in addition to hair treatment. During the treatment, an active ingredient complex consisting of valuable vitamins and minerals is supplied into the deepest layers of the skin, where cellular metabolism takes place. In addition to its cell-regenerating effect, oxygen also provides the supply of active ingredients necessary for the functioning of the renewed cells. The skin is permeable to gasses, so substances introduced into the skin with oxygen reach deeper than during normal application.

Celebrities who struggled with seborrhoea

Few people know that many celebrities also struggle with seborrhea. Brad Pitt, Emma Stone, and Adele have all had problems with this skin condition in the past, but now they all prioritize their health and feeling good in their own skin.

Treating seborrhea was not an easy task for them either, but they managed to curb the severity of their symptoms. With the help of natural and chemical-free solutions. They were able to maintain and preserve the healthy condition of their skin and hair.


What can help treat seborrhea?

In addition to the right hair and skin care products and treatments, since seborrhea can be a challenging skin condition, it is worth being conscious of your lifestyle and even changing it! It is very important to pay attention to personal hygiene and properly treat affected areas.

Eating Habits

Food plays an important role in the development and severity of all diseases, including seborrhea. It is important to remember that seborrhea is always accompanied by food intolerance – most often we can talk about gluten, milk, egg, and yeast sensitivity – the detection of which is essential in order to treat seborrhea symptoms.

For the sake of recovery, it’s preferable to minimize fatty, dairy products, and sugar. It helps to eliminate the consumption of sugar as much as possible, since the bacteria and fungi of seborrhea feed on sugar. Due to the presence of fungi and bacteria, a candida test is also recommended for a more effective treatment. Regarding carbohydrates, prioritize foods rich in fiber and whole grains, and in addition, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, if possible the low-sugar ones. And in order to hydrate your body externally and internally, don’t forget to drink the right amount of liquid daily.

Consuming natural food supplements can greatly help the condition of the scalp and hair. In addition, it is essential to eat food that is a rich source of vitamins. Try to include foods or nutritional supplements in your diet which contain the following vitamins and minerals: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamin C, folic acid, zinc, iron, and copper.

At Oxygeni Hair, the absence of chemicals and the use of 100% natural active ingredients play a central role in our treatments. This is no different for dietary supplements. Hair, Skin & Nails Booster, and Hair Power do not contain any added or artificial additives, only natural vitamins. Our vegan, GMO- and gluten-free, additive-free products have many positive effects. In addition to making your hair, skin, and nails healthy and beautiful from the inside out, Hair, Sink & Nails Booster also helps strengthen the immune system.

Internal and external factors of seborrhoea

Since stress also plays a big role in the overall treatment of seborrhea, we would like to emphasize that a stress-free, calm living environment can greatly help the improvement of seborrhea. It’s worth finding out and practicing the stress management method, be it meditation, a walk, yoga, or something else which suits you the best in order to lay the foundations for an effective and lasting, positive seborrhea treatment.

In addition to internal factors, seborrheic dermatitis also has external, symptom-aggravating causes. Avoiding environmental chemicals and harmful substances is an essential step in the treatment process of seborrhea. In addition, we recommend reviewing the side effects of medications to identify any possible aggravating factors. Besides food intolerance, skin diseases such as seborrhea can also appear as a post-symptom of viral and bacterial diseases. Covid can also worsen the symptoms or development of seborrhea, classifying it as a post-covid disease.

At-home treatment of seborrhoea

An adequate at-home hair and skincare routine is important when treating seborrhea. In order to ensure effective healing and a lasting solution, the use of chemical-free and 100% natural products is recommended. If you feel like at the moment you don’t have enough time to try or commit to an oxygen therapy treatment, our products and product bundles can be an excellent home solution. We will show you which products to include in your hair and skin care routine if you suffer from seborrheic dermatitis skin disease.

The use of chemical-free products reduces intolerances as they exert their effect naturally while their 100% natural active ingredients do not irritate the skin and scalp. The use of natural products can help a lot not only in alleviating symptoms but also in prevention!

Starter product bundle for treating Seborrhea

If you are just getting to know our products and would rather start with a smaller package, we recommend the Detox Wash and Detox Mask product bundle. In addition to having an anti-inflammatory effect, Detox Wash regulates sebum production and deeply cleanses and soothes the skin. Nourishing is also important in the case of treating seborrhea so that we can restore the balance of the skin’s sebum function, which is why we use the Detox Mask, which cares for our hair and scalp by restoring its pH value.

Complex product bundle for treating seborrhea

If you are looking for a more complex solution and want to treat seborrheic dermatitis skin disease as effectively as possible, this product bundle helps treat naturally and effectively your scarred skin and scalp. Our Detox Wash, Hydrate Wash, Hydrate Mask, Pure Aloe Vera, H2O Thermal, Detox Oil, and Moisturizing Cream products together help to cleanse, hydrate and reduce inflammation. In addition, it is especially suitable for reducing sebum production and irritation. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, it provides a long-term solution for the treatment of scalp problems.