Celebrity reviews about oxygen therapy

Find out what our celebrities have to say about choosing us to keep their hair healthy. We strive to make their time with us a relaxing and relaxing experience and to ensure that they leave our salon feeling recharged, satisfied and with the perfect hairstyle.


Éva Horváth

„During my work my hair is exposed to heat treatment and constant stress every day. It is very important for me to have a perfect cut, for which the health of my hair and scalp is essential. During my pregnancy with my second child, I was introduced to Oxygeni Hair, who offered me 100% chemical free products and a natural solution to maintain the health and beauty of my hair through oxygen therapy. During my pregnancy, I went through the therapy and the results were incredible, and I still use the company’s products on myself and my child to this day, which I am exrtemely satisfied with and can recommend with confidence.”


Tomi Veréb

„Between two shows I used to pop in to Oliver for a refreshing oxygen therapy hair treatment.

My hair and scalp are often very stressed from shows and theatre, so a few weeks ago I started an oxygen therapy treatment. After the third session, my hair definitely felt healthier and stronger. Not to mention the fact that the one-hour treatment almost flies by in good company.”


Korina Kocsis

„In my job, my hair is exposed to heat and other damaging effects every day. Unfortunately, it’s quite stressful, so I try to do as much as possible with it at home and also professionally.

For example, every now and then I have an oxygen therapy treatment, which involves a deep detoxification of the scalp and a concentrate of 59 vitamins and minerals, which is then injected into the deeper layers of the scalp, right down to the roots of the hair follicles.

Oxygen therapy boosts the blood, oxygen, vitamin and mineral supply to the hair follicles, giving my hair follicles a new lease of life. ”

Iván Bagi

Thanks to my job, looking perfect is essential for me. Because I’m in a rush all day, I don’t have enough time to keep my hair and scalp healthy and beautiful. Health consciousness is important to me, so I wanted to find a solution that would match my approach. I found a solution pretty quickly with oxygen therapy and Oxygeni Hair products that nourish my scalp properly and give me a perfect look. Oxygen therapy for me is an hour of relaxation and recharging, it’s like an island of tranquillity for me.


Attila Árpa

„I like to give my best in my work, and my appearance is a big part of that. Health consciousness is important to me, which means that I also take care to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not overload my body with chemicals. Oxygeni Hair’s 100% natural and chemical-free products and oxygen therapy itself are a great help in keeping my scalp and hair healthy. And during the treatment I usually have a nice relaxing time and can almost feel my body replenishing with vitamins.”


Fanni Weisz

„Oxygen Therapy is the first Hungarian hair care patent that is dermatologically tested, 100% chemical free and contains the highest quality natural ingredients! It is a risk-free treatment with 97% effectiveness for all types of scalp problems and hair loss and thinning! The treatment is highly recommended for young children and even for pregnant women! I simply love it! ”

Your reviews about oxygen therapy

Alba Caetano

Bori Gal – Szabo Imre Salon, Budapest

„Hello, my name is Alba Caetano, and I performed 10 sessions of the Oxygen Hair treatment at the Szabo Imre salon which was done by the hairdresser Bori Gal. I have great recommendations for carrying out the treatment, as I have had excellent results. In a period of 7 months I recovered an unimaginable volume, exceeding all my expectations. I feel that my hair is more resistant to fall as well as more hydrated and shiny. I would like to thank the company for the excellence in the products and training for the hairdressers, in my case Bori, who did a fantastic job, being super careful and taking such good care of my hair.”


Timea Gabor – Magnolia Beauty and Beyond, Norwich

” I had massive post covid hair loss and I was looking for a solution for this very upsetting problem.
I found the oxygen therapy and Timea, checked the reviews which convinced me to give this therapy a try even though the salon was 2 hours drive from me.
Thankfully it started to work even after the first occasion, so I booked more treatments. I had 5 treatments altogether, I would loved to have more, but the travelling is too long unfortunately.
The treatments were lovely, Timea was very calming with her magic fingers I got lots of relaxing head massages with her beautiful and all natural products. She explained every step of treatments thoroughly, gave me very detailed information.
We started every occasions with a camera check up, how my scalp was and what kind of state my hair was. She told me everything what I could see on the screen. Every time I came out of the salon relaxed, felt like a brand new lady. My hair gradually started to grow, my hair loss stopped.
Got recommendation for new, natural products to care for my hair. I can’t thank her and the therapy enough, my hair is still on the mend, but I definitely can see the positive changes. I am one happy customer”