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Everything you didn’t know about biodegradable plastic

Nowadays, a significant amount of waste floods the environment causing a global problem. It is because traditional plastic packaging cannot decompose the way other types of waste can. But not only disposable plastic contaminates our environment and endangers aquatic life. Many places are struggling with the storage of waste as there is less and less space available. That is why we must pay special attention to solving waste disposal generated by households and companies. One of Oxygeni Hair’s missions is to spread an environmentally conscious mindset reaching as many people as possible. That is why we try to help salons, hairdressers, and clients alike reduce their ecological footprint. A possible solution for that is biodegradable plastic.

The science behind biodegradable plastic bottles

There are three types of biodegradable plastics. One of them is called PLA which is a substance made from cornflour (corn starch in the U.S.). This substance degrades only in commercial composting conditions under the influence of heat. The other type is the oxo-degradable plastic obtained by an additive that degrades plastic under the influence of oxygen, heat, and moisture. The third type is obtained by applying the latest technology, called microbial degradation of plastics. Its technology is based on the fact that microorganisms found in nature can degrade plastic, but traditional plastics do not attract microbes that would otherwise help degrade plastic. However, this polymer additive attracts microbes in the biological environment of composting thus promoting microbial colonisation or the microbiological degradation process of plastic.

How does a plastic bottle degrade?

With the help of the additive microorganisms attracted to the plastic start to break down the polymer chain. As soon as microbes consume plastic, it turns into biomass and microbes will become part of the natural food chain, continuing the cycle.

How can a bottle be easily biodegradable yet hard-wearing? How can we “time” degradation?

Substances with microbial degradation will not degrade anywhere in the environment. The so-called polymer additive is developed in a way that the biological degradation process will only take place in the presence of determined microbes found in landfills. The degradation process requires an active microbial environment. Plastic bottles treated with this additive are as lasting as their non-degradable counterparts and their degradation only starts in landfills. But they do not start to degrade during the environmental impacts of storage, shipping, or use.

Can plastic bottles be reusable and biodegradable at the same time?

Yes! This additive doesn’t influence the product’s basic structure, weight, density or resistance to heat, oxygen or UV light that is why they are reusable just like plastics that are not treated with special polymer additives.

Are biodegradable plastic bottles safe?

The additives have been tested in laboratories by numerous independent organisations (Keller & Heckman, SGS, Intertek, UL) who established that plastic bottles treated with this substance comply with the highest European safety standards related to chemicals and consumer protection safety standards (CPSIA, REACH, CONEG, RoHS).


Oxygeni Hair is committed to protecting our environment

As a consumer but mainly as a brand, we are responsible for the environment through our choices. Oxygeni Hair decided to use vegan natural cosmetic products and support environmental protection. The health of our clients, hairdressers and the Earth are important to us, that is why our products are 100% vegan that contain 100% natural active substances and our products are completely cruelty-free and the product packaging is made of biodegradable plastic. We also paid attention to the quantity of our products; we also have 1-litre bottles. This means you can reduce the accumulated plastic even more in your home and salons. 

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