Questions about oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy can be a solution for every problem, but the detection of the cause and the appropriate professional care are indispensable.

Oxygen therapy is immunotherapy; therefore, it has a unique effect, and everyone reacts to it differently. During the more than 50.000 scalps that we have treated, we have only met about 8 cases where the healing was less effective than expected and experienced. Oxygen therapy is a complex treatment which is closely connected to the home hair care routine and change of lifestyle. The therapy’s effectiveness is influenced by the home hair care routine by 50% – we only recommend Oxygeni Hair products for it.

The oxygen therapy prices can differ depending on the salons and the customer’s hair length. For exact prices, choose your salon from the following list and call the provided telephone number.

Oxygen therapy is now performed in nearly 130 salons all over the world. Check our salons and find out which countries we are present in HERE.

Once the scalp’s crust is removed, we replenish the scalp with nearly 70 vitamins and minerals with clean, bottled oxygen at 3 bar pressure. We carry out multi-step hydration, and alleviation of inflammation and we also release energetic blocks with a special massage. Following the therapy, the scalp and the hair bulbs are practically relieved.

Usually, 10 occasions can deliver visible and spectacular results with oxygen therapy. Some customers may need more occasions. Since this is a symptomatic therapy, if the problem’s cause doesn’t stop, you will need to participate in therapies as soon as the cause stops.

The first three treatments are recommended every two weeks, after that, one treatment should be performed per month. We recommend going to a preventative treatment every 2 months after a 10-occasion therapy. This is determined by the trichologist based on the visible results and history.

The first occasion usually takes 90 minutes, the rest of the occasions last 75 minutes for semi-long, long-haired clients, while for short-haired clients it takes 60 minutes. The first 5 occasions are recommended every two weeks, following that we recommend one treatment a month, in justified cases, the intense course of treatment to be carried on.

The treatment’s visible results depend on clients’ type of problems and the severity of the disease.

In the case of hair and scalp problems of the 1st stage, after 5 occasions complemented with the home hair care products, we can see spectacular, visible results.

(A feeling of discomfort on the scalp, scalp gets oily too quickly, itching, mild redness, dandruffy symptoms, more hair loss than in general)

In the case of hair and scalp problems of the 2nd stage, after 10 occasions complemented with the home hair care products, we can see spectacular, visible results, hair loss is reduced to a minimum or it can even stop.

(Too oily hair, too oily hair roots and dry ends of hair, continuous dandruffiness, burning–itchy scalp, sensitivity to all kinds of chemicals, intense or cyclic hair loss, visible androgenetic alopecia)

In the case of hair and scalp problems of the 3rd stage, the client may need up to 20 occasions. The general healing period is 18 months, and in justified cases, the client may regularly have to attend treatments.

(Chafed – irritated scalp, intense or patchy hair loss, excessive dandruffiness – plaque, the scalp is smelly, advanced androgenetic alopecia with patchy hair loss or coherent patches)

Oxygeni Hair’s oxygen therapy is recommended for everyone. Children above the age of six, pregnant women and breastfeeding women can safely go too.

If you are allergic to tropical fruits and citruses, contact one of our salons before your booked appointment and ask for a 48-hour skin test from our trichologists and coordinators.

We have microcamera diagnosis and consultation before our treatment, which you can buy together in a package.

It contains: Microcamera diagnosis – Hair pull-test – Assessment interview about hair and scalp condition – Establishment of the handling plan depending on the hair diagnosis – Establishment of a home hair care programme – Hair care consultancy

The microcamera hair diagnosis is also part of the oxygen therapy treatment so clients applying for oxygen therapy don’t have to pay an additional fee – the diagnosis is included in the price.

Definitely! After 4-5 occasions, you will see a lot of new baby hairs not only through the microcamera but with naked eyes as well. New hair may also regrow on areas that had been bald for years.

Do not wash your hair 48 hours before the oxygen therapy.

A minimum of 10-14 days must pass after any type of chemical intervention (hair dyeing, highlights, perm etc.)! Shampooing, sport with excessive sweating, direct sunlight or solarium are not recommended for 48 hours following the therapy. No chemical treatment can be performed 10-14 days after the treatment.

Further recommendations and information before and after the treatment.

The first occasion takes 90 minutes where the trichologist makes a microcamera diagnosis and does a comprehensive overview of the client. Finally, the trichologist sets up the treatment plan and the home hair care products, and then performs the first treatment.

(Important: If you have any medical records or preliminary medical examination results and expertise, take them with you for the diagnosis.)

The indispensable part of oxygen therapy is the proper home hair care routine. This makes up 60% of the course of treatment, thus it highly influences the success of the treatment. Our active substances are in a system and work in synergy, intensifying the effect of the oxygen therapy, so the desired result is easier to obtain. Our products are 100% chemical-free, they do not contain any petroleum derivatives, but they are completely made of natural active substances and ingredients.

Further information on the treatment can be found HERE.

We work with 100% chemical-free and fully natural products; our active substances are of the highest quality in our products. The oxygen therapy treatments and our home hair care products are systematically developed, they work in synergy and complement each other, intensifying each other’s effects. In addition, all our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The majority of our products are available in 500 ml packaging, so shampoos are sufficient for at least half a year (provided that you follow the formula), while special complementary products are sufficient for more than half a year.

Vitamin Serum is sufficient for a year by following the proper formula.

Proper and professional home hair care is indispensable for oxygen therapy treatments. Our basic products used during oxygen therapy are available for home hair care routine as well. What is more, the home hair care routine intensifies and speeds up the efficiency and the effectiveness of the treatment. The Oxygeni Hair home hair care products are developed in a system, and they are complementary products, so they intensify and promote the incorporation of active substances, vitamins and minerals. Our home hair care products contain the same active substances as our treatment thus they extend and speed up the therapy’s effect. Oxygeni Hair hair care products are the only ones suitable to complement the treatment.

Our plastic bottles are all made of biodegradable packaging with degradable stickers. Therefore, the bottles are not disposed of in the separated plastic containers but the municipal waste. These bottles are not recyclable but once they get to the landfill, they will degrade in a short time. Only microorganisms living in landfills (such as fungi) are capable of degrading, these are definitely not present in our bathroom.

Frequently asked questions about trichology

If you need several products, given that your problem is in the 2nd or 3rd stage, then up to 5-6 products are recommended. The majority of our products are available in 500 – 1000 ml packaging, while our products with pipettes are available in 100 ml packaging as well. Larger bottles are usually sufficient for 8-10 months, so they are economical for everyone. A complex hair and/or cosmetic routine consists of 4-5 products that cost 10 000 HUF per month. The monthly care products cost more if the family fancies using them. 🙂

Even newborn babies can use them, if they struggle with dermatological problems, starting from when they are just a few days old. Each of our products is 100% natural, they do not contain potential allergenic substances, so pregnant women and babies can use them too.

Every shampoo and wash products is a concentrate, including the product that you are using now, but you’re just not aware of it. It is not in the interest of manufacturers and distributors to recommend customers dilute the products in an applicator as you will use at least 30% more during shampooing. This extra is not only harmful to you but also to the environment since the huge amount of unnecessary shampoo going down the drain, to our drinking water causes a continuous growth in the microplastic content growth leading to undrinkable water after a while.  Use an applicator and plastic-free hair care products for your and the environment’s sake.

It is not likely that a shampoo will bring a sustainable change in your condition. For those who wish to treat their hair loss without oxygen therapy by only doing an at-home hair care routine, we recommend our product and formula combination which you can find on our hair loss and hair growth webpage. In addition, you will definitely need the proper examinations and a change of lifestyle; as such, it is indispensable to reduce chemicals.

If you switch to 100% natural cosmetic products, you will need a “transition time” – this can vary from a few days to a few months. This new hair and skincare routine will be unusual for your skin and you as well. You may need more time and your hair may not be perfect for the first time, it may even become a bit heavy or dry, but this is completely normal! You will feel the advantages and beneficial effects of natural care.

Two hair care routines are recommended per week, but three occasions are also acceptable if it is necessary. More than three or less than two is not ideal. When it comes to the functioning of the sebaceous glands, daily shampooing is especially harmful since continuous drying leads to excessive sebum production.

Yes, it is by creating a proper hair care routine. Complemented with our Detox Wash and Sensitive Wash products, any of our Mask hair care products for the ends of the hair perfectly treat this problem.

Taking care of dry hair and scalp is a challenge even for trichologists. If you have such a problem, you will definitely need more products for your home hair care routine. This is because besides treating dehydration, you also have to supplement your hair with vitamins and minerals as well as to treat inflammation for long-term results.

An oily scalp does not equal a hydrated scalp. Excessive drying causes the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum; this is how the vicious circle is created. Unfortunately, many times there are oily but also dehydrated scalps which require a scalp mask to solve the problem. If your oily scalp is also inflamed, or irritated or you have hair loss, then you will most probably need a special scalp mask.

Is there fungal superinfection in the case of dry scalp itching or is there bacterial superinfection in the case of oily scalp itching? Many times, the scalp is itchy due to a dehydrated, dry scalp but itching may also be caused by not insufficient times of shampooing. In both of the cases, the condition can be solved by establishing a proper hair care routine and using complementary products between two shampooing.

Oily roots, dry ends of hair, oily seborrheic dermatitis – with dry dandruff? Or oily – dry scalp with intense hair loss? You can perfectly treat these problems by mixing customised formulas that can be changed according to the current condition. In the case of a mixed scalp, it is worth considering the more dominant problem or the one that affects a bigger area on the scalp. You can test which product works best for you with our 100 ml packaging.

For a quick solution, we definitely recommend the combination of the oxygen therapy treatment and the home care products but using home hair care products can help a lot by itself. These dermatological problems require a complete care routine, you can hydrate and soften the skin even several times a day. You should constantly cleanse and treat the inflammation and supplement the irritated areas with vitamins and minerals. We offer products for each step, and we recommend formulas to treat the scalp and the whole body.

In general, the answer is yes but Oxygeni Hair wash products and shampoos are made with an innovative, special manufacturing technology giving almost the same feeling as a normal shampoo. It is important to end shampooing with the proper Mask product in order to avoid the dry ends of the hair. If you dilute it in the applicator, you will not experience any stickiness. If you used skin and hair care products for years or even decades that are rich in chemicals, you may find it strange to have “a crackling feeling” in your hair after using the natural shampoo. However, hair masks that are used after shampooing nourish and take care of the hair that cannot be obtained by a traditional product.

Even though it does not appear so, sulphate can be very aggressive to scalps that are sensitive to this substance. It negatively influences the functioning of the sebaceous glands. If someone has insufficient sebum functioning, it will produce less sebum, while if someone has an oily scalp, they will have an over-functioning sebum functioning. As a result, all types of sulphate derivates should be avoided during scalp and body care.

Considering the ingredients of traditional products, plastic derivates and other chemicals are widely used making the hair easy to comb and glossy. However, these substances dry and damage the hair structure in the long run, burdening our body and the environment with harmful substances. Natural masks contain light and valuable oils that can be safely used as scalp masks or body care.  These masks usually do not contain substances that can cause possible allergic effects or that may irritate the sebaceous glands, yet they make the hair very glossy and give a great texture to the ends of the hair.

Frequently asked questions about cosmetics

The oils cannot absorb sufficiently and stay on the skin surface unless an activator helps it to deeply penetrate the skin. Only a few drops are sufficient from each of our oil products to be mixed with an one of our activators, for which we recommend 5-10 ml Pure Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera Gel. For maximum effect, you can mix the oil with the activator product in your hand, the applicator, or the spray bottle, so it becomes easy to handle and immediately absorbs.

All our products are from the freshest possible ingredients and production. All our products are manufactured every three months. Therefore, we provide 100% natural and 100% fresh cosmetics for our customers.

The majority of our products are 100% multifunctional so they not only function as shampoos but as facial cleansers, shower gels and baby shower gels, hair care products for the ends of the hair and facial and body care creams as well. All our products have cosmetic permission and certification, so feel free to use them on your whole body.

We have developed our products for many years, and they intensify each other’s effect and work together. They have a micromolecule structure, so they absorb very deeply into the skin.

Allergy-free fragrance, our product ingredients are 100% chemical-free so they do not contain any artificial or allergenic fragrance, our perfumes are 100% allergen-free, natural perfumes.

Yes, all our products and creams are 100% chemical-free and have certification for cosmetic use. They can be applied to the face and the whole body, the creams do not have to be rinsed, but mask products should be rinsed after 5-10 minutes.

You can mix the formulas and cocktails consisting of several products in an applicator bottle with an angle tip or a spray bottle. When it comes to the skincare routine, you can also apply the products with your hands step by step.

Skin masks must be thoroughly rinsed after 5-10 minutes and after that, we recommend applying creams that do not require rinsing. You will not find classic body lotions among the Oxygeni Hair products because we apply a two-step body care. After cleansing with the Wash product, you have to apply the body mask and then the cream.

All our Wash products can be used for the face and the whole body; none of our products contains sulphate or other chemical lathering substance, so it doesn’t irritate the skin. Our Detox Wash product is a deep cleanser, so it is recommended for exfoliation or to treat oily face problems. Our Sensitive Wash product is recommended for treating oily, mixed, or easily oily skin while our Hydrate Wash product is recommended for cleansing dry and sensitive skin.

Once you clean the skin, we recommend using serums (you have to use a vehicle that helps the serum to penetrate the deeper layers; this can be the Aloe Vera Gel or Pure Aloe Vera as well) then the hydrating cream or cream with SPF.

After two weeks of use, you can already see a substantial improvement in the skin. It is important to establish a skincare routine and to avoid other chemical products.

For the manufacturing of our H2O Thermal product, we use the water of Thermal of Harkány. Once the water comes to the surface from the ground (60 degrees), we preserve and manufacture the final product within 8 hours, to provide a uniquely high active substance content.

Aloe Vera Gel is derived from the cold pressing, while Pure Aloe Vera derives from the hot pressing of aloe vera. Aloe Vera Gel preserves every beneficial effect of the aloe vera plant, it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and a perfect exfoliator, while the Pure Aloe Vera is a better vehicle that can make the substances penetrate the deeper layers and it also takes its hydrating and anti-inflammatory effects in deeper layers. Aloe Vera Gel is recommended for people with inflamed, chafed, eroded, and superinfected skin, while Pure Aloe Vera Gel is recommended for those who do not have such complaints.

Frequently asked questions from our partners

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Unfortunately, no. In order to perform oxygen therapy in your salon, you first have to participate in our oxygen therapy training – to do so, you have to purchase our Starter Bundle. Since the therapy and the products are closely linked to and complement each other, the oxygen therapy can be successful only if you also properly use the Oxygeni Hair products.

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